Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snowman globe patrol. 


Seven men braved the cold at Satan’s Hill. 

Disclaimers and bienvenidos. 

Warmorama: SSH (30), Ukrainian Soldiers (20), Don Quijotes(10), Muricans (10x), Flutter Kicks (20x), Duke stretch both sides, stretch OYO for 60 seconds. 

The thang

Mosey up the Hill to the intersection of Prenoman and Sultree. Triple check (throw back to the 12/16 “Three Amigos” workout):

A guy runs to bottom of Sultree and back. B guy SSH and C guy squats. 3 rounds completed.

20 count. 

Snowman globe patrol begins…Pax spied the first soon-to-be-HOA violation in the distance. 

  • Work our way down Sultree to first light post doing lunges. 
  • Walk to next light pole. 15 drydocks.
  • Jog to next light pole. 20 LBCs

Reach the violator. Penalty = 10 burpees (or 20 Muricans + 20 squats). 

Mosey back up Sultree. Loop to Willowmore. One more violation spotted. Guys know the drill. 10 burpees.

About 10 min left, so we mosey back to the flag. Oyster was satisfied we had over two miles booked at this point.  

Flag area: Grab some cindys. Mudslide and I handed the cindys out like rifles to the poor Russian soldiers in the beginning scene of the movie “Enemy at the Gates”.  

First called exercise was cindy farmer walk (about 100 yards total) down and back in the parking lot. 

Five minutes remaining.  Cindy curls and curb dips. Note: You can modify exercise with dips as follows:

  • Modification 1: Hands on top of curb, feet out front. Dip. Easiest 
  • Modification 2: Block on top curb. Hands on block, feet out front. Dip. Harder with increased range of motion. 
  • Modification 3: Block out front. Feet (heel) on block. Hand on curb. 

Several rounds completed. About 10 reps on each exercise per round. 


  • Idea for next time:  Do 11s with cindys and rock coupons. We could setup blocks on one end and perform rows. Run to other end and do curls. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • OTB kettle ball workout at Old Hundred tomorrow. Recommend 35 lb kettle bell. 
  • Glow for Galactosemia glow run on March 5. Details coming. Support a good cause. 
  • Frozen Triangle CSAUP 1/21 – be there. 

Prayers –  Nancy took us out. Prayers for our families and all the men in F3. Prayers that guys out there hurt can heal and join the Pax. 


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