Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I love the 90s!


9 men stayed south of the James so as not to pay any tolls. The toll was paid in sweat however by the PAX that morn.

Started with a short mosey to retrieve some coupons from the woods by the fields. Then return to the basketball courts for some warmerama. Highlights included jazzercise, collard pickers, and hairy Rockettes.

The thanng

triple check! Partner 1 runs the loop around by the tennis courts and back. Partner 2 merkins. Partner 3 goblet squats with the coupon

then one round of suicedes on the basketball court.

round 2

a Dora! Partner up, as team complete 50 blockees, 100 squats with coupon, 200 chest presses with coupon. Timer runs length of court then Bernie’s back.

return the coupons

Just enough time for some 4 corners! 10 merkins, 20 WW2s, 30 ball dippers, 40 monkey humpers.

numbers, names, announcements, YHC took us out


Better late than never on this BB It wa great way to start the day. Tunes were a crowd pleaser for once with 90s rock on the jukebox.


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