Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oval Corners


8 seasoned kettle bell warriors descended on the slightly warm and wet confines of the far West End. As Pigskin was arriving the workout went like this:

COP: DQs, helicopters, merkins, FMs, and ACs. Mosey to bus loop.

I called it four corners but someone had to point out that an oval has no corners. Either way, we did 10 of an exercise went 1/4 the way around the loop, did 20, went 1/4 round the loop, etc.

10 burpees

20 sit and press. White Deer complained about getting wet even though he wears several layers.

30 overhead pulls

40 overhead presses – take a lap

50 bench presses

60 curls for the ladies

70 2 count flutters (in 2 sets)

80 lawn mower pulls (in 2 sets)

90 SSHs

100 – sumo squats (in 4 sets)

110 – LBCs (in 3 sets – 40, 40, 30)

120 – one count American Hammers

Finish with 5 burpees and more DQs to loosen us old farts up. Some happy hours are happening including one where HoneyDo displays his angelic voice with Christmas tunes at Fudd’s. Prayers for Pigskin to recover from his back issues and for comfort/peace for Attila’s ailing mother n’ law. Mike White for MVP. Do good things gentlemen.

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