Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Murph & IPC Week 4 ”Death By Skinny Runner”


3 Murph Bros and 3 Iron Bros attacked the day at Twin Team. Honeymoon, Marmaduke and Rosie did the Murph : run 1 mile from BWES down to JRHS, do a lap around Track then continue to playground. 10 sets of 10 pull ups, 10 Merkins IC, 15 Squats IC. Then reverso run back using the same path.

Machismo, Judge and YHC did this for IPC Week 4 :

  1. 100 Gas Pumpers (Knees to Chest ab exercise)
  2. 50 Invisible Jump Rope
  3. 1 mile run
  4. 25 Hello Dollies 
  5. 25 Burpees
  6. 50 Invisible Jump Rope
  7. 400-meter run
  8. 25 Hand Release Merkins
  9. 25 V-Ups
  10. 50 invisible Jump Rope
  11. 400-meter run
  12. 25 Leg Raises
  13. 25 Jungle Boi Squats – 2 spoons style 
  14. 50 invisible Jump Rope
  15. 400-meter run
  16. 25 4-count flutter kicks 
  17. 25 Ball Dippers (hard way – right leg and left leg counts as 1)
  18. 50 invisible Jump Rope
  19. 400-meter run
  20. 100 Big Boy Sit-ups
  21. 50 invisible Jump Rope
  22. 1 mile run

Stats :

Judge 39 min, 37 sec

Florence 39 min, 40 sec

Machismo 40 min, 37 sec

We finished IPC early so YHC went to BWES playground to finish the Murph.

5 min remaining after Murph so we did ring of fire 5MOM : 10 Alabama Prom Dates IC, 10 Freddie Mercuries IC, 10 American Hammers IC, 10 WWII’s


Numbers, Names, Honeymoon took us out in prayer after COT

Prayers to all those impacted by Hurricane Ian including YHC’s family in Venice FL which was one of the hardest hit.

Circle K with the Q at DogPile tomorrow. Speculation that he might be bringing “The Hard Way” or ”The Michigan” workouts.

Chaplain with the Q at Rock N Roll probably playing in the soup getting down and dirty like Chaplain usually does.

Remember F3 is offered RAIN OR SHINE

NMMS : Good push today all around. Glad to be done with IPC.


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Joined F3 in Tallahassee FL on 9/12/18 during Hurricane *Florence*. Brother-in-Law Bocephus from F3 Charleston SC was responsible for the EH. Moved to Richmond in August 2020 and been rollin with F3RVA ever since.

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