Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Why am I waking up at 4:10am?


That was Handshake’s text to YHC this morning before the departure from the fartsack on this humid, 75 degree morning. We were joined by two more Broga enthusiasts(?) for YHC’s Broga VQ. Also, it was Handshake’s first Broga post, which I’m sure won’t be his last(?)

We worked most of the body, but for some reason, YHC focused on the groin area more than any other area. Shavasna was nice at the end until the sound of car’s mufflers entering the parking lot disturbed the mood.

Well done, all! Thanks for letting me lead.



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  1. I’m pretty sure you Q’d this working while watching a yoga video on YouTube with the volume turned all the way down.