Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Patrolling the Block


18 fine looking gentlemen and 1 not so good looking lad descended on the hard courts of No Toll to see what YHC had in store for a beatdown to break out from last weeks’ holiday fog. This is what was told back at the precinct by Chesterfields finest ensuring no suspect activity was occurring.

Mosey to the parking lot for warmups that included all the classics. SSH’s, DQ’s, Helis, Dead Man Hang, Jazzercise, LBC’s, Suzanne Summers. All good… lets get moseying.


Mosey to the Tennis Courts for 11’s. Donkey Kicks on 1 side, Chainsmokers on the other. Plank for the 6.

Short mosey to the Basketball Court to find the coupon pile.

DORA… Partner up – 50 Block Thrusters, 100 Curls for the Gurls, 150 Chest Press. Timer runs suicides on the court.

Triple Check… Find your 2 best friends. Elevated Merkins on the block, Block Squats, Timer runs the loop through the woods and around. No block… improvise.

Deposit coupons in the woods for future use

Back to the Courts for quick closing stretch. Numbers, Names Announcements. Doozy took us out


No Toll Ultimate Frisbee 7/19

HDHH – Triple Crossing Midlo 7/19

Gumbo’s Home Run Derby/Rosie B-day 7/26 Huguenot Little League (behind Robious Elementary ) – No workout at No Toll that day

Dealer VQ at Forge 7/28 –

NMS: YHC had some extra cinderblocks of varying size lying around the jobsite. Hopefully they last longer in No Toll than they did at the Forge. Too bad YHC quick math was off for a triple check but improvisation prevailed. More running than YHC expected as that loop was brutal. Good work by Florence, Dealer and Posey. Great mumble chatter and turn out this morning. Enjoyed the company and the day fellas.


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  1. Nice crowd and great Q brother. We need that police car there every week to holler at late arrivers. (COUGH…Fresh Prince)