Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettlebellin’ Beyond the Wall

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At 5am we loaded up the SOJ clown car and headed for the hinterlands. The Davillians welcomed us with open arms and were ready to put in some work. Here is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

Warm up: Turn on “Chaplain’s Kettlebell Mixxx” and complete a couple laps around the parking lot. Circle up for Ukranian Soldiers, Arm Circles, Monkey Love Makers, LBC’s, Hand Release Merkins, Dead Man Hang.

Exercise: Tour de MANNdate. Moseyed around the perimeter of the school, stopping at various locations for 2 minutes of exercises. Completed the following:
WWII sit ups w/lift, People’s Chair upright row, Bench Press, Lawnmower pulls, Kettlebell swings, LBC’s with Kettle, Reverse Forearm Curls, Flutter Kicks w/overhead hold, Squats, Standing Upright Row, Seated Ball Tappers, Lunges around the circle, Fireman Carry around the circle, Calf Raises, Tricep Extensions. I may have missed a few.

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DTH took us out

Final Thoughts: Had a great time getting back up to Daville and posting at MANNdate for the first time. Solid effort by all the PAX on a hot and humid day. SOJ takeover is in full effect and a couple of us, including YHC will probably be making the trek back up on Friday.


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