Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A gaggle of runners and a resurgence of bikers convened at RAMM for some running and cycling. No one had signed up so YHC quickly plotted a simple route. Only 3 turns, yet Hitchhiker somehow asked more questions than there were turns. Classic Fan route today.

The Route

  • East on Grove
  • 4s left on Boulevard
  • 5s left on Shields
  • 6s left on Plum
  • Left on Monument
  • Left on Westmoreland

Numbers, names, swarming by cyclists before YHC took us out.


Today, post run/cycle, we reminisced with stories of a former PAX member. While not a regular and not recent, he always had a way of bringing some excitement to the group. Prayers for all of our PAX that are going through difficulty, current or former, that they find the necessary peace to carry them forward.

Prayers also go out to TYA, Shakedown, and the rest of the crew heading to the Grand Canyon for their race next week. Go get it!

My thanks for the day go to Faceplant and Marv for the thought provoking social discussion this morning.

Spiders (and Rams) still playing! Cheer for your local teams!

Splinter out.


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