Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The F3 Supply Chain


If they guy who walks down the middle of Pump Road had survived the week, he would have observed the following as he passed Godwin:

COP: SSHs, IWs, DQs, Flutter Kicks, Scorpion Kicks, HRMs IC

Mosey to the bus loop for Paula Abdul Reverse Jack Webb: Lunge two posts, 4 Chest Presses, walk back one post, 1 Overhead Press, Lunge two posts, 8 Chest Presses, walk back one post, 2 Overhead Presses, … , 40 Chest Presses, walk back one post, 10 Overhead Presses.

Triple Check: American Hammers, KB Swings, and Crawl Bear up a ramp.

Conveyor Belt: Each PAX occupies a space between two posts. Complete 20 Overhead Pulls or 20 Curls, and move to the next open space and complete the other exercise. Down and back along the bus loop.

10 Sit and Press and 10 Donkey Kicks. Repeato 3x.

20 American Hammers OYO. 1 minute of Boat Canoe.

The BB title was inspired by Fireman Ed, who noted that the PAX’s lack of coordination on the conveyor belt would make for an unimpressive assembly line.

YHC is grateful for the men of F3. Make it a great one!


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