Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Trotted


Sixteen mostly suspecting gentlemen launched at various times for today’s special edition of Spider Run. A few unsuspecting individuals arrived expecting instructions but only received the brief version. In all, 16 people launched and 16 people came back. SUCCESS!!!

The Route:


Today was different. Different is good. We all launched at various times to attempt to finish at the same time. I’ll declare success.

Congrats to TYA who crushed the JFK this past weekend. Dude continues to be an inspiration (on the pavement).

Will this be an annual tradition? We have plenty of happenings over Thanksgiving week but this one just might make a repeat appearance next year.


TYA owns the rest of the week. Thursday 6am @ Mary. Friday 7am @ Forest Hill Park Shelter 1

Happy Thanksgiving fellas!



  1. That was a great idea Splinter! But thank goodness for Hutton and his capacity for remembering a very complicated route. Great fun. Happy Tday

  2. I like it. I also vote for making it an annual tradition. I like annual traditions anyway 🙂

    Hutton is the man, thanks again for leading the way. Great running with you, Bodos, Corned Beef and Hash. We kept up the speed and the conversation. Great run.

  3. I agree let’s make this a tradition, EF Hutton was an awesome tour guide and this was one of the toughest 6+miles at Spider Run. Really enjoyed bringing Hash to this one and running with Shakedown, Bodos, Hash and EF Hutton was fun. Enjoyed the mumble chatter as it is especially healthy on tougher routes. EFH You are a beast!