Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Turkey Routes


This Tuesday at Spider Run we will be running a 10k. The link to the route is below and I’ll also describe it for individuals that have not run this route previously. The trails are slightly modified from the official route but everything else is the same. Headlamps strongly recommended.

It’s 6.2 miles with plenty of elevation. Ideally, we will all be finishing at the same time, right around 615. If you think you need an hour and 15 to finish a 10k, play your departure for around 5am. I’ll be there just before 5am to assist with any questions.

Feel free to ping me for any questions.

spider run route

Section 1 – Looping Around Towana

This section starts by heading back towards the lake, taking a right, and then up behind the football stadium before exiting campus by taking a right on Campus. Continue up Campus until you hit Roselawn and then make a U-Turn to head back down Towana. When you get to the bottom, take a left and head up Roselawn. First right onto Ridgeway then back to the Commons.

Section 2 – Trails Through Campus

Once you pass the start, take a left at the commons and head across the lake, veering right onto the path around the lake. After you pass the cafeteria, take your first left up the path. At the top, take an immediate right on the path and head behind the Greek Theatre. Once you pass behind the Greek Theatre you will see tennis courts ahead of you. Take a hard right down the well lit path back to the lake. Don’t cross the bridge. Take a left, watching your step on the gravel and take the path over to College. Right on College.

Section 3 – Westham

This part is pretty easy (directions wise). Once on College take a left on Lakewood. Lakewood all the way to Westham. Left on Westham. Left on Club Vista (last road before River). Left on College and an immediate right on Westhampton Way.

Section 4 – The Westhampton Campus

Continue on Westhampton, straight across the first intersection onto Keller. Right on Westhampton Way then right on UR drive. First right onto Crenshaw. This next part is in my mind arbitrary but nevertheless part of the route. Go up Crenshaw until you get to the Modlin Center parking lot. It’s essentially at the top of the hill. Then turn around and come back to a left on UR drive.

Section 5 – The Big Finish

Continue on UR drive like you are heading back to the starting point. Except, you have to finish with the big loop. Up Gateway to the top, left to head back behind the football field and back down to the lake. Long downhill finish back to the parking lot.


I’ll come up with some turn by turn directions that can be printed for those that may be completely confused at this point.

UPDATE: Turn by Turn Directions available here!

If 6.2 is too much there are two options for you. One is to eliminated the Roselawn/Ridgeway loop and just return back to the start via the path at the bottom of Towana. The second is to eliminate the Crenshaw out and back and just head back to the finish. The final is to cut off the hill loop at the end but I wouldn’t recommend that as it is a fantastic finish.

Complaints will be taken from 9:00 – 9:01am on Tuesday. Yes, this is after the run.

This should be fun. See everyone on Tuesday!


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