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Sign Up – Breaking Bread, Fall 2021


It’s that time, fellas. It’s time to show that we have the metal to match words with actions. Who will help carry the load?

This message is about asking for your help to make a real-life Impact – both in time and effort – on behalf of a group of people who F3RVA has sponsored for the last ~5 years. 

Most of you are aware that F3RVA helps by feeding residents in the Medical Respite facility at the Southside Health Center. This is on the Q sign-up sheet as, “Breaking Bread.” F3RVA chose to expand in 2020 to help out TWO nights per month. We need your help to meet this commitment.

Many guys took up this charge in the past quarter – YHC thanks you. Great work.

We are now taking sign-ups for this fall (sign-up on the Q sheet). Pick an evening. Grab an F3 buddy, or your spouse / significant other, or your kids, or all of the above, make a meal for some folks going through a challenging time, and change their lives (and YOUR life) for the better. We usually feed 7-13 people per evening. It’s pretty easy – make some good food (or buy some good food), bring it to 180 Belt Blvd., drop it off, and experience the thankfulness of a room full of good people. If COVID calms down, you might even be able to cook on-site in their kitchen.

Many of you all have done this in the past. We cover 24 nights per year, so YHC encourages you to sign up again. And, YHC thanks you.

Here are the dates (again, sign up on the Google Sheet – link below).

September 25 (Saturday)
September 26 (Sunday)

October 23 (Saturday)
October 24 (Sunday)

November 27 (Saturday – Thanksgiving weekend)
November 28 (Sunday – Thanksgiving weekend)

One final note, which YHC hopes is inspiring. YHC was recently on the west coast and had the opportunity to roll by NAB Coronado. Over one of the doors, the following was posted: “Choose to Carry More.” That’s what each man and each family does when they help at Breaking Bread. Please, sign up. And, YHC thanks you in advance.

Here is the link to sign-up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dx2qsu9vXun_NFgeD0GDKwQ6G2f5a-AKQq4IYk2eAJY/edit#gid=1389235370


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