Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

To be, or not to be (snipped)


Six strong in search of snow found none but instead found their way to the bottom of South Ridge with gifts of Coupons and 40 minutes to make it back to the top. Along the way stories were shared of the status of various PAX’s Vas Deferens.

COP at Triangle Park: SSH, Don Qs, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, LBCs. Mosey down to bottom of Ridge hill (aka Vas Deferens Hill) and find 4 of the heavy coupons. Partner up for various exercises making upward progress on the hill:

1st Round: Run & Lunge n’ Press with Coupon.

2nd Round: Run with coupon 80 yards, then drop and do 40 Block Presses. Other man bear crawls and flapjack.

3rd Round: Bernie Sanders up while other does Block Swing walk.

4th Round: Run 100 yards then do 10 WWIIs. Other man murder bunnies with block and flapjack until done.

5th Round: Run 100 yards then 20 merkins, while man with coupon Bernie Sanders up the hill.

6th Round: Take block to Triangle Park and do 20 Sit & Press while other does Crab Walk. Flapjack until done.

Deposit Coupons back and finish with snow day sprints in the middle of River Rd. Back to flag, announcements & YHC took us out. In spirit of the morning PAX said their Snipped Date instead of age.

NMS: As Handshake noted at the start 6 is perfect PAX number for First Watch. YHC arrived early to deposit the coupons at the bottom of Ridge but Kubota was already in the lot at 4:40 so he knew what to expect. YHC opted for the legit sized Coupons not the mini-blocks Upchuck uses.

Lots of good mumblechatter stories going up the hill as Handshake had primed the pump with his query on Sunday on Slack. The PAX was split 50/50 in the COT on the status of their Vas Deferens. Also Kubota provided an update that he is moving back up to 2020 out of the 1950’s Ozzie & Harriet sleeping arrangements, although there seemed to be some trepidation in his voice about this. Bacon Bits is 1 week out from Baby #2 slated arrival so he seemed to be taking notes on the morning’s topic.

YHC confesses he “borrowed heavily” from Upchuck on this workout as he had previously done it this summer. Starting at the bottom of this half mile hill with coupons does take almost exactly 45 minutes with a brief COP at the top. Twin Team may have better marketing with the Sisyphus stylings of Mr. Holland but tackling S Ridge in the Gloom is a taller challenge.

Annoucements: HDHH at Hardywood West Creek is still on as of now. Snow seems to be a no-show but watch slack if this changes. See you at 5:00.


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