Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s About Time!


Another beautiful and hot morning to start off the first of many solo Q’s for Shiplap. Have co-led some hot potatoes and with the wedding, marathon, and Thanksgiving now done, it was about time I stepped up and lead these great group of men solo. And no better time than at W Dog, one of my favorite AOs. Pulling in, it was nice to see more than the usual number of cars anxiously waiting to get rolling. Here’s how it went down:


SSH x20

Helicopters x10

Arm Circles x10

Reverse Arm Circles x10

Cherry Pickers x10

Merkins x12

Mosey to the Amphitheater to Start the Beatdown:


Partner 1: 1 Lap around the Amphitheater

Partner 2: Incline Merkins

Partner 3: Dips

Mosey to the Rusty Cage


Partner 1 Runs to Fire Hydrant and Back (Very tough to see unless you were running with Hitchhiker), while Partner 2 completes the following until they return and switch:

Round 1: Chin Ups

Round 2: LBCs

Round 3: Burpee Pull Ups

Was planning on doing this cycle twice, but AUDIBLE!! Had to make sure we get all the “FUN” in!

Mosey to the Stage for some HOLIDAY COUPONS! (Pretty sure Vandelay had the best coupon)


Partner 1 Runs with the Coupon and Touch 5 Trees, while Partner 2 completes the following until they return and switch:

Round 1: Coupon Bench Press

Round 2: Coupon Curls to Shoulder Press

Round 3: Coupon Swings

Put the Coupons back and Mosey to the field

Line Up Side by Side, 1st person runs all the way down and back, in the meantime Q yells out an exercise until they return, then next guy goes, etc.

1st Exercise: WWIIs

2nd Exercise: LBCs

3rd: Flutter Kicks

4th: Carolina Dry Docks

5th: Hand Release Merkins

6th: Freddy Mercury’s

7th: Alabama Prom Dates

We could not make it all the way through with the clock not on our side, but with the help of Bodo’s wisdom halfway through we audibled to just run half the field and back. Appreciate it Bodos!

Back to the Flag, for Number-am-a, Name-a-rama, and YHC took us out.


Nothing was mentioned this morning but I understand there is a Hump Day Happy Hour at Hardywood West Creek 12/1 at 6pm.


Thank you guys, for letting me lead you all this morning! It felt great and hope the upper body is sore tomorrow because then I did my job! It was great to have some new faces at W Dog with Last Time and Swipe Right! This was Swipe Right’s first boot camp and crushed it. I have been able to be part of a lot of amazing Q’s and was able to lead with the direction I have experienced through them, so thank you all!




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  1. Great Q this morning and you got a lot in:
    a triple check to start with you Bodos and Swirly. Great to partner up at the cage with Hitchiker, and Last Time(Chance?) at touch a tree. Stout efforts by all, WDog is always great as a start to a hump day! Nice catching up with BT and meeting swipe right also! Cheers gents and SYITG!…CB

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