Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcoming the IPC to fall


A dozen strong came out to tackle the last week of the Iron Pax Challenge. A brisk 46 degrees and soggy fields met the pax on the upper baseball field as we have offically hit fall this morning.

Week 4 was: 10 Block Burpees, 25 yard Murder Bunny, stop for 25 Thrusters, carry block back.

Round 2: 10 more burpees, 50 yard Murder bunny then 50 Alternating Merkins. Carry coupon back.

Round 3: 10 burpees, 75 yard murder bunny then 75 Curl-Presses. Back to start.

Final Round: 10 Burpees, 100 yard muder bunny then 100 Heel touches. Back then finish with 10 final burpees.

NMS: Glad this and all 4 weeks are over. This one at least kept us on the field and allowed for some mumblechatter. The HRB-IPC setup committee deemed the murder bunny too destructive for the main football field so we opted for the upper field, with less light and taller grass.

Shiplap set the pace with 26:25 and several others bested 30 minutes. Greenbow knocked it out in 38 minutes wanting to find out what all this IPC stuff was about. The smoker of the day was the 50 alternating merkins. Those ate up a lot of time. Doing them with soaked shoes and cold hands made them all the more fun.

Several of the PAX made it through all 4 weeks of IPC at HBR. Atilla took a day off since his back was already protesting the Murder Bunnies after watching the video. YHC did not do the IPC last year but was glad so many RVA took it on this year. Besides the DaVille guys using bricks for cinder blocks and NoToll calling the Soccer field a 1/4 mile this was fun to push across the region and F3 nation as a whole. Here’s to the IPC again next year!

Now who has the guts to take the Q next week at HBR and make us carry around our new Cinderblocks around the AO for 45 minutes?

PS – No Cinder blocks were harmed in the week 4 IPC or the writing of this backblast.


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  1. TCLAPS to all you fine gents out there completing the IRON PAX this year!!! For the record, YHC’s measurement of 400 meters (including to the center and back out of the field) was independently verified by the local league coordinator of IPC rule compliance, sub committee F.