Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

IPC Week 2 at HBR


A full dozen came out to Heartbreak Ridge. Most knew what was in store while Scrum was hoping for a chance to ease back into the Gloom – clearly picking the wrong day to Kotters. No COP, straight into the fun:

IPC Week 2: Run a lap. 10 Thrusters at the flag then off to Spot 1: 25 Derkins. Rifle carry between all stations. Alternate to flag & 10 Thrusters then stations 2-5 were: Block Burpees, Squats, Block Swings, Vertical press, Alpos – high pull variation with block. Finish back at flag with 10 thrusters. That is 1 round and 220 Reps. Repeato until time called at 43 minutes. Deposit coupons under bleachers for future use. Atilla then took us out.

NMS: Strong work by all this morning. Gypsy took off from the start and set the pace. All PAX pushed it. Most PAX hit 2 full laps so 440 reps or more. Gypsy hit 502. YHC gladly was on the Thrusters right before Block burpees when time was called since another round would have killed YHC. Good to have Splinter join us, he was super excited for this IPC beatdown while Scrum showed up after a posting hiatus having no idea what he was walking in to.

Bodos was the first and only PAX member to break his coupon, but manned up and switched with someone to keep up the challenge as he was on Gypsy’s heels. No Tater this morning as he took the morning off after leading yesterday. T-Claps to Gypsy for arriving early to help YHC setup.

Announcements: Drive Shack HH this Friday at 6:00. Ms welcome. F3RVA retreat 10/3 weekend.


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  1. I’m always breaking something…. thanks so much Honeydo and Gypsy for setting that up for us! My legs are jelly. shoulders gone. well done sirs.

  2. Special thanks to Jville for making sure we had sore shoulders with the weighted Jack Webbs yesterday at the Convergence.

  3. I was radiating excitement this morning. Serves me right for ignoring most digital notifications for the weekend.

  4. Thanks for leading Honey Do and helping set up Gypsy. Wow, that was intense. I somehow grabbed Garbage Plate’s super reinforced, heavy duty coupon, which made the last set that much more fun.

  5. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    That was a tough workout. I’ve been trying to keep moving all day to prevent the muscle soreness from setting in.

    I think Bodo’s has a great idea to break his Coupon in half.

  6. Can you file for unemployment if you get fired because your shoulders are so blown out you cant lift your arms to type on the keyboard?

    Great work HBR pax. That was a solid beatdown this morning.