Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

West End Boys


4 distinguished gentlemen from the the West End made the arduous journey through the woods and crossed the James River this morning to meet the SOJ PAX on their own terms at the grounds of Timberwolf. All they found was YHC…. This is week 0 of the Iron PAX Challenge. Here is how it went down.

Mosey down to the track for


Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers, Cherry Pickers, Hello Dolly, Rosalita.


  • 50 Squats
  • 40 WW2s
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 2 count Ball Dippers
  • 10 Burpees
  • 1 lap around the track
  • x4

Had a little time left, wanted to make sure everyone got the best bang for their buck, so despite some mublechatter we went to the field for

COP part deaux

  • Bernie Sanders to the 50, 25 LBCs, “sprint” back
  • Bernie Sanders to the 50, 25 LBCs, Bear Crawl back (in case you were wondering, this is Tater’s super power!)

Time was nearly us so then we walked (?!?!) BTTF, numbers, names, announcements, (see below), YHC took us out


Great effort today guys, that was very tough! That was the first time YHC has ever been to an “on the books” F3 AO where walking at any point was condoned. Wonder what the next 4 weeks at NO TOLL will be like! Where are the SOJ brothers at? See y’all at Twin Team tomorrow?

Also, henceforth the “Cherry Picker” shall hereby be called the “Collard Picker” as apparently you’re doing it wrong if you pick the cherries up off of the ground.


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  1. Good work today gents. Tater makes this look easy.

    I am glad there is not a pet shop boys video on this one – what a terrible time for pop music. Mid way through today, Tater was taking about Crue – I wanted to say that I would rather hear some Minor Threat and Bad Brains but I was just trying to finish the evolution. Dammit, now I cant get that PSB song out of my head – thanks Boberry, thanks a lot.

    I like these little assessments / workouts. Like the Murph when split in 10 parts, there is the right mix of exercises so that when one muscle group is recovering, another is engaged. You must get more fit doing this one a few times. 26:11

    Get some.

  2. It’s not about picking cherries off the ground, but supporting your cherries from hitting the ground. Ask TYA, he knows. ?