Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast – BoneThugs 10k


Ok boys, it is time for the BoneThugs 10k. It is this Friday. Here is the plan:

The Route – Old School. Leave Mary Munford parking lot and go east on Grove. Follow grove to Arthur Ashe Boulevard (The Boulevard) and turn around and head west. Take Grove til it ends at Three Chopt. Turn around and head back to Mary Munford. This

Timing. BoneThugs and his entourage (five or six of us) are going to launch at 5 am. We plan on finishing right around 6:15. For folks that normally do the four mile route, you should launch at around 5:10, 5 mile guys around 5:20 and 6 mile guys around 5:30. Since we are all on the same road we should all see each other out there. When you finish your 10k, loop back to BoneThugs and we will all run the last portion together.

THUGS has been working his ass (and his stomach) off to get ready for this. Less than six months ago, this guy hadn’t run more than a single mile at a time. This Friday he is going to do 6.2 without stopping. Lets be out there to support him.



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