Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Clown Car of 1?


An even dozen warriors came out to battle the elements of sunny and 70 degrees at No Toll this morning. YHC saw the open Q slot yesterday and decided to make his inaugural No Toll Q. Rolled in from NM with solo, sans clown car. According to the dude lurking the workout this is what went down.

COP- 30 SSH’s, 10 DQ’s, 10, Cherry pickers, 10 Helicopters, !5 Arm circles, 10 Merkins, 20 Flutters, 20 Dollies, 20 LBC’s.

The work- Triple check- Runner around full parking lot with Merkins and LBC’s for the others. 4 corners lady of the night style (10 Drydocks, 20 squats, 30 Merkins, 40 jump squats. 2nd round straight 4 corners with 20 hand release merkins, 30 WWII’s, 40 monkey humpers, 50 SSH’s. (Thanks last call for suggestion of monkey humpers, I was thinking of something far harder). Parking lot breezers 3/4 sprint mosey back, then full sprint X 3 rounds, Shuffle the lot to and fro. Bernie sanders the lot then mosey back, Then back to flag.

Strong work today fellas. I counted 2.6 miles. After yesterday’s Florence insanity the run felt good (Bullseye can attest).

Announcements- 3rd F tonight on line.

Prayers- Good to have Doozy posting strong again.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thank you gentleman, it is always an honor to lead. Nice to have my first No Toll under my belt.


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  1. Owe forgot the Lurker. Flange talked him up as he finished four corners way to early. Offered for him to join. He continued to Lurk and Doublemint was giving him the pep talk after prayer. Maybe we will see him out?
    Make today Awesome!

  2. Well done Nancy! That felt like a lot of merkins. Me and prostitutes just don’t get along.

    3rd F details: tonight at 8pm on zoom (Meeting ID: 822 7005 7337)…text me, DTH, or see slack for the password. DTH has the Q tonight.

  3. As promised, no bear crawls and no burpees… but still no joke. That was grinder, NL.

  4. I feel Humpers are often overlooked and under appreciated. I needed a break after the smoker that was happening with all the merkins. Great job. Look forward to another Nancy Lopez Q.