Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did you listen to this song first???


22 (!!!) PAX including 2.0s braved the soggy fields this morning for a kid friendly work out today. Fun was a had and a little exercise along the way. Here is how it happened:

7am hit and we peeled the 2.0s from the playground, moseyed to the basketball court for:


Short disclaimer and welcome to F3. Three 2.0 FNGs today. Reminded all the 2.0s they have some pretty awesome dads who try to better themselves! 10 reps of the following were completed: Imperial Walkers, Jazzercise, Seal Claps, Cherry Pickers, Crab Cakes, Boat/Canoe, and Dancing Bear.

THANG #1 (Race Time)

Line up on one end of courts for races from the grass to the fence, including regular, high knees, butt kickers, crab walk, and bear crawl (some kids too this opportunity to pretend to be a real bear!). Mosey to the 1st soccer field for:

THANG #2 (Catch A Daddy If You Can)

Kids and dads line up along the end line, dads get a little be of a head start. Kids have to try and catch dads. If caught dads complete 5 burpees. One hitch, dads have to Bernie Sanders.

THANG #3 (Kick a Ball)

One PAX kicks the ball, first to reach it calls out an exercise, PAX completes 10 reps, then repeat. 2.0s were relentless for this one, a lot of burpees!

THANG #4 (Music Time)

Song #1= Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (ride a horse while song plays, go down on all 4s and kick each leg when they say “horse”)

Song #2 = Happy by Pharrell Williams (jumping jacks while song plays and do a merkin everytime they say “happy” [underestimated how many times that is said!]) Mosey back to playground for last round:

THANG #5 (Playground Circuit)

Form a team with your family, One PAX runs up and down playground equipment while the other(s) complete an exercise of their choosing.

Number-ama, Name-arama. (welcome FNGs: Animal (a drummer), Blaze (a la “Blaze and The Monster Trucks), and Rubble (Paw Patrol fan)!!) No announcements, no prayers (whoops). PAX was ready for snacks at this point so Oreo brought out the Oreos and Snitch and Rubble brought out some snack and drink bags.


YHC was more intimidated by this Q than any previous. As such it marked the return of a true Weinke. However it went great and fun seemed to be had by all! Shout out to DTH for keeping it rolling when Rubble had a “code yellow”. Shout out to Honeydo for picking up the six when YHC was trying to lead the work out and keep track of two 2.0s. Ya’ll are awesome! SYITG


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  1. Announcements YHC forgot to announce…

    Bone Thugs 10K Friday at RAMM.

    Family fun day afternoon at the farm is Saturday, August 22nd at the Hardywood Estate in Mosely, VA, Out yonder past Brandermill. 3-8 p.m. See invite on Slack or the pre blast.

    Iron Pax Challenge. DTH and YHC are in, as well as Honeydo, Rosie, Gypsy, Mudface etc. Sign up under team RVA.
    Fun challenge accross F3 Nation.

    Retreat on October 3 at estate de Vinny. Bring a tent, food and beverages of your choosing, and a Cornhole Partner from a different nano region. . See Slack or pre blast for details. Remember: this is a 2nd F, not a workout.

  2. Another good Puppy pile, nice work Boberry. Fields were not nearly as soggy as expected, those fancy SOJ irrigation systems.