Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory SOJ (Old Gumbo? Cajun Glory?)


Five studs posted to No Toll to tour the fields, here’s how it went:

COP – Nope.

The THANG: Mosey with the Stars n Stripes to the lower parking lot, and do two laps (1 mile) around outer perimeter of fields. Plant the flag, then 20 minutes of 4 corners using the outer perimeter AMRAP:

1st corner: merkins x 20

2nd corner: jump squats x 20

3rd corner: burpees x 10 (x 20 if you’re a DaVillian)

4th corner: WWIIs x 20

Grab the flag, do two more laps (1 mile) and BTTCars.

Numberama, name-o-rama, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Prayers for Doozy’s mother in law and Sec Def Dexter Manley — both on the way back from COVID. Memorial Day Murph: Duece organizing main event at Dogpile (Rusty Cage) – 06:00 start; see him for deets. Other nano regions may convene remotely – see Hitchhiker/Bodos for Mary Munford; Phonics for DaVille. For anyone SOJ, YHC will be posting at Twin Team 06:00 for a Memorial Day Murph, Honeymoon 3rd Friday style.




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  1. Thanks for leading an OG Doublemint a Gumbo style OG was my very first workout with F3 almost 2 years ago