Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4 Years of F3 and DaVille


11 fighters landed in the Atlee High School parking lot in the gloom for a set of festivities that went something like this…

Mosey to the first basketball court

COP All IC – 50 SSHs, arm circles, 10 don quixotes, 10 crab cakes, 10 hand-release merkins (HRMs), 25 LBCs

Mosey to the field


Run to the first corner of the field, four 4x4s, return to the start, 25 LBCs, hold 6 inches for the six.

Run directly across the field to the second corner of the field, four 4x4s, return to the start, 25 LBCs, hold 6 inches for the six.

Run directly to the third corner of the field, four 4x4s, return to the start, 25 LBCs, hold 6 inches for the six.

Stay at the first corner, four 4x4s, return to the start, 25 LBCs, hold 6 inches for the six.

Mosey to the bus loop

11s (cut short due to time)

1 HRM, run forward around the inner loop to the far side, 10 two-count mountain climbers, run backwards to the start – continue 11s (stopped part-way)

Native American run (including another loop around the bus loop) back to the flag.

MOM All IC – 10 american hammers, 10 flutter kicks, 10 freddie mercuries, superman.

One 4×4

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


Colonial 70 in September – Spit will be sending out a spreadsheet for soft and hard commitments

Phonics is looking for guys to come share at his school about their work and careers. This is a great way to serve in his school and provide inspiration for the next generation.


The first DaVille started (I think) on Tuesday, 3/15/16 and this was a close date for marking the four-year anniversary of DaVille. It also marks YHC’s four-year anniversary since he showed up for the first time that morning in light of an invite from the one and only Abacus.

YHC led the PAX to the first basketball court because that location has hosted the most COPs over the years of DaVille. Emoji exclaimed “YES!!!” when Don Quixotes were called out during the COP. Some things never change. DaVille counting (that started in… DaVille) was in full force with no utterances of the number “eleven” or “twelve”… That is too difficult… Return to one and two and continue…

YHC brought out the 4x4s as a way to mark the four year anniversaries. The PAX seemed to enjoy the 4×4 pain. Spit, Spike and Fannie Mae crushed them and kept the PAX sharp as we tried to catch up.

YHC then took the PAX to the bus loop because that is where YHC had his first F3 beat-down. Circle K led that workout and YHC still has memories of feeling sick (almost splash-merlot’d) that morning because he had never experienced anything like a F3 workout. The 11s provided a slight taste of that pain, especially running backwards.

Again, Phonics and Fannie Mae crushed it with Spit and Spike right behind them. The whole PAX pushed through it all and it was great to be back with everyone, both new guys and those who have been with DaVille from the very beginning up here in the far north of Mechanicsville.

It is an honor to lead. It was my first Q in 2020 and it felt like coming home! There is nothing like F3. Let’s keep it rolling!!


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  1. Great Q today The Carpenter! Nothing was easy today.

    I believe the inaugural F3 Daville bootcamp was March 22, 2016. The BB is https://f3rva.org/2016/03/22/sucking-wind-at-daville/.

    That was a period of quite a bit of expansion of F3 RVA. Daville was the first of 4 AOs that launched in late March and early April of 2016. Other AO’s celebrating their 4 year anniversaries over the next few weeks are:

    Spider Run – 3/29/16
    WDOG – 4/6/16
    Circus Maximus – 4/7/16

    The Daville launch brought many into the F3 RVA nation and I am grateful to Circle K, Abacus, and Lab Rat bringing it our way.