Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sucking Wind at DaVille


Its officially Spring (according to the calendar), but Mother Nature greeted 9 F3RVA faithful, 1 F3 visitor from North-Charlotte, and 3 FNG with one more morning in the low 30s for the Inaugural morning beatdown at the DaVille.  (TYA and YHC scoped out the entire property last Wednesday at HDHH)  The PAX did not stay cold for long as we went straight to work.  Here is how it went down:

Mosey to center of parking lot for COP.

SSHx22, Don Quiotex22, Front Arm Circlesx11, Backward Arm Circlesx13

Mosey to far side of parking lining up on a parking spot.

Lunge Suicide (4 parking lots length), Bear Crawl Suicide (4 parking lot length)

Mosey to bus loop between middle school and high school

Bus Loop Suicide – Run to first corner and return to starting point.  Repeat for each corner and finish with a loop completely around inner loop of bus loop.

Mosey to exterior loop of bus loop – 4 Corners (Corner 1- merkinsx22, Corner 2-LBCsx22, Corner 3-curb dipsx22, Corner 4-2count flutterkicksx22) Repeat entire circuit x2

Mosey to BBALL courts – Regular Suicide, Burpee Suicide (perform burpee at each line instead of touch), Reverse Suicide (Run to far side a court first and complete suicide in reverse)

Mosey to practice soccer field for 11s – start with 10 polesmokers, run to other side of field for 1 squat.  Progress until perform 1 polesmoker and 10 squats.

Mosey to Shovel Flag.

Announcements – LabRat thanked everyone for the support with kicking off DaVille AO.

COT – YHC took us out with prayer.

Coffeteria at Starbucks.


It was great to have such a large PAX for the official hard-launch of DaVille.  Pre-beatdown talk centered around TYA’s running tights, as he broke them out for one last cold morning workout this year. Hopefully the PAX will not have to endure another sighting until the Fall.

As the first weekend of March Madness has concluded, YHC must have watched entirely too much basketball, as YHC kept coming back to the conditioning exercise of choice for basketball players.  The Suicide.  YHC went with his gut and we performed six different types of Suicides.  Between gasps of air, YHC heard mumble chatter from the PAX ranging from critique of YHC’s Lunge form to “Burpees and Suicides together, Really.”  The Carpenter (FNG) joined the PAX on the bus loop as he went to the middle school to start out.  Sorry for the confusion.  After we warmed up with 30 minutes of Suicides, YHC thought it would be great to increase the heart rate a little more with the 11s.  YHC had to call an audible before the entire PAX could complete the 11s due to time constraints.

After the COT, Mr Rodgers commented to YHC that he was not expecting a run heavy beatdown as we only mosey about 15 yards to start.  Surprise!!!  For those participating in the 100 mile challenge for March, LabRat’s GPS tells us we logged 3 miles this morning.  That is a lot of miles for a F3 beatdown.

Welcome FNGs, The Carpenter, Baggage Claim, and Bootlegger.  Hope to see you again soon in the gloom.  It was a pleasure to have Mini-ME join the F3RVA PAX.  Hope your travels bring you our way again.

Coffeteria was attended by YHC, Toga, Offshore, Mr Rodgers, The Carpenter, and Mini-ME where discussion centered around ideas and thoughts on how to expand F3 presence and attendance in RVA.

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  1. Great work this morning gentlemen. Could not have kicked off a new AO without the support of F3 RVA faithful. As always, it is always a pleasure to associate with the men F3.

  2. Way to hit it off, Circle K! RVA Pax came out in full force to show support, I love it! Also, the Q schedule is quickly filling up with everybody wanting to take a crack at the new AO.

  3. It was a great start for what appears to be a great new AO. Great job getting some FNGs out there as well! On a funnier note, Lab Rat got right up against Mini Me while we were planking. When Mini Me asked what was going on, Lab Rat apologized as he thought it was Toga. Special thanks to Mini Me for taking that Lab Rat cuddle for me.

  4. I am a Mini-Me fan! Them Charlotte visitors (e.g. Mini-Me and The Farm) make me seem timid and shy.

  5. Lab Rat: You’re neither timid nor shy.
    Good work, Gentlemen!

    27 total men posted for F3 workouts in RVA on a Tuesday…a new record! (Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Lab Rat…it’s not a competition, otherwise I would have said 14 posted to Old Glory @ NoToll)

  6. Great work Daville. T-claps to Circle K and Lab Rat for planting this new AO with such success.

  7. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job fellas. Great AO kickoff. Can’t wait to experience the rest of the site.

  8. Well done! I haven’t even read about that many suicides let alone done them. Took me back to the pain of high school basketball practice after an embarrassing loss. As DK pointed out, 27 men total in RVA this morning, and a total of 6.8 miles logged (again, it’s not a competition, Lab Rat, or DK would have said 3.8 miles).

  9. You Southies are really sensitive about this competition thing. Is there a back story????

    I mean, we COULD make it a competition…new month coming up, just sayin’

  10. Also, my understanding is a workout didnt happen until it’s logged. Was there Old Glory this morning or not?

    PS, Lab Rat has nothing but love for B.T. and the rest of them Southlanders

  11. It takes time to come up with something witty, Lab Rat! TYA expects a good belly laugh and I don’t want to disappoint!

  12. Well done Circle K, the bear crawl suicides were quite welcome in an intense leg workout! Glad to have DaVille in the mix.