Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mary is Scatterbrained


Eleven runners plus four on rubber didn’t really gather at 530 and everyone did a variety of things.

Due to limited numbers at 530, YHC called the negative split route up Commonwealth and east on Monument. Turning around at 23 minutes and getting back in 22.

The original intent was to do Fartleks. Sippy showed up right at 530 and YHC was able to convince him that Fartleks were the way to go. So, 15 minute warm up followed by ten 1 minute pickups. 1 minute hot at a faster than 5k pace followed by 30 second recovery. Do this for 15 minutes then cool down for 15 minutes on the way back to RAMM.

RAMM is very scattered these days. Early starters, modest numbers at 530, then there is always a good contingent of gears folks. Still always good to see everyone.

Make sure you come out next Thursday for a fake news history lesson on Thanksgiving. See TYA for details.

Also, black friday shopping starts at 7am at shelter 1 in forest hill park. TYA has coupons.

Everyone reach out to someone they haven’t connected with in a while and just give thanks for being a part of your life.

Hasta luego amigos. ¬°Vamos a comer Qdoba!



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