Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Most Merkin Conquest


The studliest and craziest eight gloom warriors in all the land posted to The Forge this morning to win back the Most Merkin Banner. With a minimum of 860 to beat the Mary boys, and the pressure of Mudface and his Anvil men competing this AM for the same honor, DTH felt compelled to pull out all stops… as follows:


Light Pole Warmerama

  • Mosey toward school, completing x10 merkins at each light pole
  • Running total = 80

Seven of Diamonds

  • Stop in bus loop to complete merkins at each corner of the Diamond
  • 1 Round completed (7/14/21/28/21/14/7)
  • Running total = 192

21’s Top Half

  • Mosey to the soccer field
  • Complete descending reps on either side of field from 21 down to 10
  • x21 Werkins, x20 Carolina Dry Docks, x19 Werkins, x18 CDD’s (etc)
  • Running total = 378

Amphitheater Ascent #1

  • Mosey to Amphitheater 
  • Complete x5 Incline Merkins on each of x7 steps, run around side to bottom
  • Complete x5 laps
  • Running total = 553

Merkin Beast

  • Mosey back to soccer field
  • Complete x6 reps at each of 6 Beast points crossing field and back
  • Round 1 – Standard Merkins
  • Round 2 – Chuck Norris M’s
  • Round 3 – CDD’s
  • Round 4 – Werkins
  • Round 5 – CDD’s
  • Round 6 – Standard Merkins
  • Running Total = 769

Amphitheater Ascent #2

  • Mosey back to Amphitheater 
  • Complete x5 Incline Merkins on each of x7 steps, run around side to bottom
  • Complete x5 laps
  • Running total = 944

The Grand Finale

  • Mosey around the back loop dropping for x10 Merkins at each of 20 light poles BTTF
  • Final Total = 1144
  • Total Distance = 2 miles


  • Counterama #8
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Whew! Over a thousand!? In my best Hardywood exclamation – Are you kidding me?!? That was AWESOME!!! So proud of these guys’ effort this morning. And special thanks to Don Draper for joining us for over a thousand squats, as a recent injury is keeping him from the merkins. Whatta stud! (granted he wont walk straight for a week) #CSAUP4LIFE

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  1. Freaking phenomenal. This is a ton to do in a single session. But even more impressive is that you can’t even attempt something like this unless you have put in the work. Well done fellas. Way to raise the bar.

  2. Nice work out design DTH and 2 miles to boot, great workout gents! Mud Face put together a nice plan in Daville! Like Hardywood stated, the fact we are putting in the work this month is amazing when I started F3 in May I could barely do 40 merkins…The challenge was fun and congrats to the Forge. SYITG! Cheers….CB