Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That sounded moist.


A fab five with four kettlebells and one rucksack set forth on another 5am edition of the gloom at River and Ridge. With YHC on the mend from the week long plague, and a full dose of cabin fever, it was time to get out of the house. Near perfect temps for the Early Bird Special …. can’t get much better than that.


Mosey to the Westham Parkway Wedge.

SSHs, Imperial Walkers, DQs, Merkins, LBCs

The Thang

Mosey back to the parking lot, grab your kettlebell and/or rucksack.

Exercise 1 – 4 Corners

  • 2 rounds
  • Around the world on the straight-a-ways and curves
  • 1st corner Hand Release Merkins (20)
  • 2nd Corner Goblet Squats (20)
  • 3rd Corner KB Swings (20)
  • 4th Corner LBCs with KB (20)

algore for the six.

Exercise 2 – Quad/Quint Triple Check

Divide and conquer among 5 PAX members

  • Pace Car: Run the Parking Lot Loop
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell Snatches

Plankarama for the six.

Exercise 3 – Ladders

  • Round 1 – Merkin Ladder -> 1 Merkin at First Parking Space….. 10 Merkins at 10th Parking Space, lunge back.
  • Round Two – Figure 8s ladder -> 1…… 10, mosey to the flag

Flutterkicks, LBCs and Merkins for Mary.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

  • Merk-A-Rama at the Forge and The Anvil tomorrow morning. Tassles and chest palpitations up for grabs.
  • TYA Turkey Day Special at Mary…. 6am
  • Watch/join TYA run for 24 hours the day after (Thanksgiving). See the pre-blast.

Strong mumble chatter both vocal and gastrointestinal this morning. Enjoyed incorporating elements of this beatdown normally reserved for Circus Maximus, MANNdate and Mondays at Midlo Middle. The Tuckahoe EarlyBird Special momentum remains strong as PAX members continue to relish in the “gained 30-45 minutes” each Wednesday.

Enjoyed it fellas! SYITG. -Wojo


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