Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trochanteriosis (yes, you have this)


13 runners started, so 13 runners must have finished. Start times, routes, and paces varied. No bikers were present or accounted for. Best anyone can tell, temps were sunny and 70.

The security cameras recorded someone starting at 3:45. Two someones. How do you train for a half-marathon? Run 15 miles. Yeah, do the math. Well done, Lug Nut and Bleeder.

Those who started at 05:00 headed west on Grove, turned past St. Chris, then east on Patterson, and looped back somewhere ’round The Arthur Ashe Boulevard before coming back to the ranch.

Those starting at 5:30 headed east on Grove before turning north on Malvern and proceeding across Broad to Westwood. 5’s turned around at Laburnum. 6’s turned east on Laburnum, and turned around at Lynwood Holton.

Number-ama, Name-a-rama, Marv took us out with a message about genuine love.


Stache for Cash hit the mark. Well done, fellas.


Slow start to the chatter this morning. YHC tried to goad Handshake into one of his good stories of lore. Not having it. YHC shared a practical joke about a man and a person who walked like a woman and talked like a man (a “Lola,” if you will). Yet, still, relatively modest chatter.

Who knew that Lola himself would, on the last mile, jump start the conversation with the word trochanteriosis, or at least that’s what YHC thinks Lola said. Inflammation of the hip. Ask him about it. Good stuff.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Bleeder and Lugnut impressive indeed. Way to go on getting in those miles. Well said Marv, words we all needed to hear this morning.