Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural 1st Inaugural Retreat


What can be said about a group of brothers that wasn’t said last night around the ole camp fire?! The brotherhood we share was in full force this weekend at the Inaugural 1st Inaugural Retreat in Amelia.

After Dogpile, we headed out to Amelia to begin the festivities. Wiffle ball, Birdie Ball, Frisbee, Lassoing, and an organized Corn Hole tournament were among the many field games available. Food and beverages were a plenty, and awaited all on arrival. But before the games commenced, a service project ensued.

Our gracious host Charlie, AKA Woodstock (FNG), needed some azaleas pulled and a sewer line unearthed. No problem, with Swirly, Circle K and Gomer Pyle digging in deep, and Kubota at the wheel of the excavator he brought in – yes, he had one shipped in – the project was completed in a few hours.

Let the games begin. Corn Hole tournament time. Double elimination, with a sweet prize for the champions. After many heated battles and cold beers consumed, Stache Brothers (YHC and Gumbo) came out on top! Looking forward to defending the “crown” next year Gumbo!

After the official games ended, the grills were fired up for round 2 and the oysters – courtesy of Rosie – came out. Man, were they good! You need to be there next year Rosie, to enjoy them with us. The PAX over delivered on sides to share, with DTH’s M sending a 7-layer dip that took grand prize in the Amelia County Fair 2018. Sugar Sock and Shakedown had a smoker that produced some incredible brisket. As always, Chef Circle K had the kitchen in order. The man can grill.

The festivities then moved to the fire pit where things got real. Each brother, lead by Swirly, stood up and shared what F3 RVA and this brotherhood means to them. It wasn’t planned, but it was really inspiring hearing from everyone and reconfirming commitment to ourselves and this group.

It was also at the fire that, in true form, Swirly lead an actual Merkin Ring of Fire. Why not? I mean, it was there.

Then, to bed for most. Swirly and EF Hutton closed it down about 2 a.m.

All the T-Caps to Woodstock for letting us use his property. It’s entirely possible he thinks we are a cult, but he was a great sport about all of this. He noted this A.M. how impressed he was that some of us were able to get up this morning! That said, we are invited back for next year.

The 2nd Annual 1st Inaugural Retreat is tentatively scheduled for October 3/4 2020. Mark your calendars now and don’t come to me the week or days before with “family plans came up.” This is your heads up. Seriously, I think those who were there will agree that this is must see TV.

To those that were there this weekend, thanks for making it such an awesome retreat. It played out even better than I had envisioned. Without each and everyone of you there, it would not have been as memorable as it was. I, for one, had a great time, and can’t wait to run it back in 2020.


(P.S. Gumbo and I issued a Movember fundraiser challenge that culminates with Mangnum PI Day at Dogpile on Saturday, Dec. 7th. Of course, mustaches are involved. See his PreBlast for details).


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  1. Gentlemen, thanks for making the retreat what I can only imagine will become an awesome tradition and chance for us to come together in 2nd F fellowship. Man, was this a blast!

  2. Man, lots of fun! Shakedown and I stink at Cornhole btw! Thanks for organizing Vinny and thanks for having great In-Laws Gomer Pyle. Beautiful place! I enjoyed waking up to the local rooster population talking to each other. It made me forget about my hangover. And of course we were going to have some sort of workout there, just didn’t know it would occur near midnight. Merlot was almost spilled. Can’t wait until next year! No excuses, pax! SYITG!

  3. Hey brothers, thanks for making it a great time!

    Special thanks to Kubota for his donation. Woodstock is super pleased with everything that we got done. Now we know how many azaleas you can pack into a 25 by 10 space.

    Thanks again Vinny for the vision.

    Let’s do it again!

  4. I am bummed I missed it. New Market came back and spoke extremely high of the entire day! I will put it on the calendar for next year……….unless parents weekend gets in the way. Hope to see you boys in the gloom soon!

  5. What a fantastic day and night. From some good old fellowship over cold beers to some fun competition with the corn hole tourney to some more motivational and inspiring words from each of the PAX members. FANTASTIC.

    Thanks to Vinny and others for all the planning and execution that went into putting this together. Thanks to Woodstock and Gomer for providing the amazing location.

    Gumbo can’t wait for the Second Annual 1st Inaugural Retreat….and, of course, the Stache Bros defending the toilet seat trophy!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks fella’s excellent time ! Appreciate you organizing this event Vinny !
    Until next time!
    See y’all in the gloom..