Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

TwinTeam vs The Killer Bs (Iron Pax Week 1)


YHC was up early to check the weather and field conditions and make sure everything was ready to go for SOJ PAX to take on the Iron PAX Challenge Week 1 Workout. Thankfully, RVA was mostly spared from the effects of Hurricane Dorian, as the field at “The Swamp” was uncharacteristically dry, with freshly painted lines (for the start of HS football season). In fact, the breeze was refreshing! Perfect conditions to take on some “Killer Bs”!

For those who didn’t attend Wojo’s IronPAX Week 0 preview last week, the basic idea of the Iron PAX Challenge is an idea started by F3 Greenwood (in South Carolina) where ~3,000 PAX across F3 Nation are doing the same workout (once, or more per week) each week of September and measuring times and/or reps. Participating PAX can submit their scores and prove they are the most well-rounded and fit PAX in F3 Nation. After 4 workouts, Individual and Regional winners will be declared.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Swamp into the end zone

Welcome and Disclaimer


  • Don Quixotes (x10)
  • Helicopters (x10)
  • Imperial Walkers (x20)

Brief intro to the Iron PAX Challenge (see above) and explanation of the week 1 workout.

“The Killer Bs”
5 rounds for time. 

  • Start at the goal line
  • Broad jump to the 10 yard line (make sure your last jump crosses the yard line)
  • At the 10 yard line, do:
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 ball dippers (5 on each leg)
    • 10 big boi sit-ups
  • After completing the sit-ups, broad jump across the 20 yard line and repeat the exercises.
  • After completing the sit-ups, broad jump across the 30 yard line and repeat the exercises.
  • After completing the exercises at the 30 yard line, bear crawl back to the goal line.

Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.

Early finishers – Plank, pick up the 6, or do OYO exercises (PAX choice – anything that doesn’t start with a “B”).


Dr. Try Hard:  21:04
Doozy:  24:01
Mr. Roper:  27:00
Wojo:  27:30
Mouse Trap:  30:38
Orange Crush:  31:59
Loose Goose:  32:34
Punxsutawney:  Not Recorded


Numberama (#8)

  • Keep BRR guys in your prayers as they are running Friday/Saturday.
  • Keep OC’s 2.0 in prayers as he continues to heal and recover
  • DTH Poker Night Sat 9/7 – See Pre-blast for details. Contact DTH for address.
  • F3 RVA Retreat September 21 and 22. Corn Hole Teams due Sept 9. See the Pre Blast for for details.

DTH took us out in prayer.


Major props to DTH and Doozy for some incredible times today. YHC wondered if they were being chased by some literal Killer Bees, with how fast they were going!

Strong work by all the PAX to finish. Especially proud of Punxsutawney for posting again (after his FNG workout at Convergence Monday) and taking on the challenge today! Great work, men! Remember, there will always be someone faster than you, and it’s still you vs. you. Let’s continue to encourage each other and pick up the 6, even while we do our best and compete.

There was very little mumble chatter during the workout as many PAX were pushing their limits and focused on that other important “B” – Breathing! The wind was blowing a bit, and YHC may or may not have lost his balance and tripped backwards a few steps while doing Imperial Walkers in the COP. Not sure the PAX noticed, or they were just too kind, but YHC would have expected more jeers and laughs at this. If Wilson had been in attendance, that certainly would not have gone unnoticed.

YHC thanks the PAX for their patience on technical difficulties with unlocking the iPhone to capture finish times. Still working out the kinks on this whole timing thing.

YHC will register and submit times for all PAX in attendance. YHC will also provide updates on the leaderboard each week.

All PAX are encouraged to come back to Week 2 at Twin Team (or The Creek), even if you couldn’t make it for Week 1. There’s more fun in store, and each workout is slightly different, to challenge the PAX in new ways.

Week 2 Sneak peek: Week 2 will include coupons (38lb cinder blocks). Wojo has the Q at Twin Team next week. Wojo, please let us know if you need hard commits in advance, or help coordinating acquisition of said coupons, and ensuring that there are enough for each PAX.

It’s an honor to lead you. See you in the gloom!


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Scott Paulis (Inducted into F3 on 4/12/2019 at TwinTeam, EH'd by Loose Goose) Back story: Grew up in Ellicott City, MD. Studied Computer Science at Virginia Tech (Class of 2003). 2 years of missions work with Cru in North Africa and FL, then moved to VA in 2005. Married to amazing wife, Liz, and have 4 fun kids. Now living in Powhatan, VA. Attend Grace Bible Church in Midlothian. Enjoy playing board games (hence the F3 name) with my family and a regular group of guys. Also enjoy stand-up paddleboarding on any body of water I can find, and going for family bike rides and walks. “You roll your dice, you move your mice. Nobody gets hurt. Mousetrap!” - Veggie Tales' Bob the Tomato


  1. I’m happy to provide the coupons with the intent to find a safe place to store said coupons for future Twin Team Qs!

  2. That was a great work out, way to lead the PAX. Unfortunately I will not be here next week for round 2 but “I’ll be back” (said in my best Terminator voice”

  3. WOW SOJ -great to see more F3 RVA brothers taking this challenge on. We look forward to the September Fridays! Have a great weekend gents…CB

  4. @Wojo – we’ll have to be really deliberate about this. Once upon a time I stashed a dozen blocks in the woods at NoToll and they lasted about 6 months I think… Not sure if they were borrowed or “cleaned up” because they were sitting on the kitchen counter. Maybe someone could chat with the principal to ask if there’s a place in the woods on school grounds where we could put them and nobody would bother them?