Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OG – Irregular Quadrilateral


Four eager gentlemen gathered under the waning crescent for this morning’s iteration of Hoedown. Toto gathered his thoughts in his car, then emerged and off we went for an irregular old glory.

Grab the flag and head south on Forest. Through the parking lot, left on Crest, left on Sunset, right on Lakewood, left on Hillsdale, wave to a sleeping Lockjaw, left on West Drive, left on Lindsay and back to where the flag was for the completion of the mile.

The Thang

  • Run to recycling center for 20 merkins
  • Run towards the drop off loop, u-turn back up the stairs and to the gaga court for 20 jump squats
  • Up the hill, through the mulch and pick your monkey bar set for 10 pull ups
  • Run back through the covered walkway back to the grassy circle for 20 WWIIs

Repeat for 20 minutes then reverse course for the 1 mile back.

5MOM included LBCs, heels to heaven, freddy mercuries, flutter kicks, and american hammers.

Digits, salutations and YHC took us out.


It’s been a long time since YHC has completed an old glory so while YHC was in the car yesterday this popped into mind. No real rectangular options on campus so improvisation was required. All in all it worked well. Kudos to Handshake for leading the way with 4 complete circuits.

Great way to start the day gentlemen. High intensity indeed with the slight elevation changes and the pull-ups mixed in.


  • HDHH next Wednesday. Meet at Kuba Dos for some hills then 2nd F.

Big data only counted 4 today at Hoedown. Where was everyone else?



  1. We kicked Monday mornings a$$ today.

    Thanks for calling the Old Glory, Splinter.

    On a side note, 75% of us today are JRHS graduates. Rapid Pride!