Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Holy Humidity!


18 strong posted at RAMM for either a normal run, an early run, or a ride on two wheels.


4 milers: Commonwealth to Monument to Arthur Ashe Blvd and back

5 milers: Commonwealth to Monument to Allison St. and back

6 milers: Commonwealth to Monument to J.E.B Stuart monument and back

A simple route from a simple Q!

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and Wedding Singer took us out.


Get your Dogpile and Mosey On T-shirts on order while you can!

Next Roller Coaster/HDHH is July 24 at Palani Drive at 6pm.

Continue to pray for Helix’s daughter and several PAX members who have injuries/ailments.

Happy Birthday to Wheelie!

Happy Anniversary to YHC and M!


YHC saw that the Q sheet was open at 5:05am this morning. YHC doesn’t like seeing blanks on the Q Sheet, so there you have it. There wasn’t much planning in the route today. Just a simple out and back with lots of humidity.

Saab, Swirly and Lockjaw hit the early run and got in 7.5+

No Tools, Mongoose and Pullout hit the streets on two wheels.

The rest of the PAX took on the normal run.

Enjoy your day, fellas and SYITG!



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  1. Dont sleep on Bulkhead, that Marine is getting lean and mean again! Well done this morning, homie.