Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Run around the back of Hanover High School, front of Oak Knoll Middle School, right on Old Landsdown Rd, right on Fort Meyers Rd, run until it ends, turn around run back, another right on Old Landsdown, left on Patrick Henry Blvd, reverse at 301 all the way to the end of Patrick Henry and back to the flag for a nice 4.7 miles.


YHC has had some challenges lately with getting lost on runs. Today was going to be different. The weather was great, legs were tired and going to an AO for the first time with new men is always a boost. Well, if there was a PAX at the AO this would have all been true. Leaving the homestead at 0430 for the 50 minutes trip to Tomato Run, YHC goes to the www.F3RVA.com site, clicks the link and follows Google Maps to what YHC believed to be the AO. YHC did notice the high school said Hanover High. That’s ok, I double check Google Maps and it shows I’m 350 feet from the location. Not being familiar with the schools from the suburbs this close to Washington DC YHC assumes Atlee & Hanover are same and searches for other members of the PAX, but to no avail.

Update: It looks like there may have been some sort of senior prank between Atlee & Hanover. It looks like YHC was the beneficiary and will have to catch the real Tomato Run another day!


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  1. Copy/paste from the schedule:

    Atlee High School Tomato Run Monday 530 615 Group Run Mechanicsville

    IF you were bamboozled, it was by the South Side’s very own Wilson, as he is king of the app. From the sound of it, there were some guys running at the actual Tomato run this morning.

    That does suck to drive 50 minutes for a solo run though.

  2. Lug Nut it seems we need Wilson to get some major updating done on the app!

    Sorry you had to run solo!

  3. Sorry to have missed you this morning at the actual Tomato Run location. Thanks for making the drive north. How far out do you live? I am about 2 minutes south of Hanover High School which means you likely passed my neighborhood. I am able to get to every SOJ AO in 30 minutes or less. I could be deep into Powhatan or Amelia in 50 minutes.

  4. Respect Lugnut. Unfortunately when you type Atlee High School into Google it takes you to Hanover High. If you can’t rely on Google, who can you rely on? Since it was a senior prank and Phonics kid is a senior, I think he should give you that check mark anyway.
    Lugnut lives deep in Chesterfield, beyond any AO you know of.

  5. I’m a little over 15 minutes to Timberwolf off of 360 heading west. Also, keep in mind you are quite a bit faster than I am!!!

  6. I always find it interesting to see how a prank can impact more than the intended target. The Hanover County senior who somehow changed the location of Atlee High School to Hanover High School never imagined that it would cause a person who was driving 50 minutes at 4:30 AM for a run to report to the wrong school. Well done prankster. Now please change it back. Many SOJ residents apparently have never driven north of Grove Avenue and need it to find the real Atlee High School. Of course, you could search Chickahominy Middle School. That location is still good.

    Lug Nut, come run with us on Monday if you wish, but as for the summer tour, please check it off your list.

  7. If your drive to the workout is longer than the workout, you are entitled to count it.