Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don Draper VQ – Attempting an Adequate Beatdown


YHC arrived early for his VQ, greeted by Dr TryHard who was graciously planting the ShovelFlag. In the following minutes, sixteen men, including FNG Fire Marshall Bill, assembled at Hugenaut High for the third ever FORGE beatdown. Cordial chitchat was hastily interrupted as 5:30 flipped on the wrist apparatus and the clouds parted to a balmy 70 & sunny, off we went.  

The Thang:
MOSEY: Headed straight to kid drop off for COP

  • Burpees, Burpees, Burpees
  • Cherry Pickers
  • SSH
  • Arm Circles
  • Reverso Arm Circles
  • Merkins
  • Box Cutters
  • Alabama Prom Dates

MOSEY: To the middle school (soccer?) field for a 4 CORNERS Escalator 

  • 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins + 20 Shoulder Taps
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins + 20 Shoulder Taps + 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins + 20 Shoulder Taps + 30 Monkey Humpers + 40Flutter Kicks
  • Wall sit for the six

MOSEY: To the amphitheater for a LINDSAY

  • Descending WW2’s (30/25/20…) & Ascending Plank Jacks (10/15/20…) 
  • Box jump up amphitheater seats, hop back down

MOSEY: Back to kid drop off for a DORA 1-2-3

  • Partner up to take on 100 Burpees, 200 WW2’s, & 300 Plank Jacks as you alternate laps around the parking lot. 
  • Partner Leg Toss & extra Plank Jacks to bring up the six

MOSEY: Back to the ShovelFlag for COT

  • Numberama 
  • Namerama 
  • Announcerama – Bullseye Q’ing an Easter Egg Hunt @ Twin Team tomorrow
  • Prayer

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  1. Thank you gentlemen for supporting this VQ for an adequate beatdown. The mumblechatter was surprisingly low but I do appreciate all the encouragement!

  2. Adequate? Dude you kicked our butts. Outstanding VQ!

    As for the Mumblechatter dying swiftly, 33 burpees in COP will do that. Then another shared 100 in a DORA for good measure. On that note, thanks Phonics for carrying me in that. Burpees are my kryptonite.

  3. Whoa. Don Draper dropping the hammer. Calling for 100 burpees in your VQ requires some big stones, man. Well done. Sorry I missed it, but also glad I didn’t ask my FNG to meet me at the Forge.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see the amphitheater at The Forge!

  4. Well played, Draper. That was WAY more than “adequate” that was professional grade.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us today.

  5. I’m completely gassed after that beatdown. Well done. Don’t think I’ve ever done a Dora that included burpees….burpees to run for 3-4 rounds left me gasping for air…never been so thankful for WWIIs. Thanks for sharing your story, as well. Glad you found F3 and really happy to see you taking the lead this morning!

  6. Sorry to miss the VQ, looks like it was adequate. Burpees in Dora, I’m tired just reading it. Looking forward to the next Draper Q.

  7. Freakin’ awesome DQ Draper! I’m gonna echo the previous posts when I say that your VQ was SOOOO much more than adequate. The sweat was rolling off me today…or it could’ve been tears after hearing that we were doing 100 burpees in the Dora.

    Thanks also for sharing this morning….glad you found F3. This group really does make a difference!

    And welcome Fire Marshall Bill!

  8. That was a true Smoker, Draper! It had been more than a week since my last post and I definitely deserved that!

    I appreciate you sharing your story…and thanks for reminding me what F3 can provide to anyone we encounter.

    Good working with Tobit on the Dora and thanks for the extra push Doozy. Welcome to Fire Marshall Bill. Have a great afternoon, gents!

  9. Double D, great Q and thanks for letting the PAX a little deeper than the surface. It goes to show you that if you’re just here for a workout you are missing the boat.

    And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

    Ecclesiastes 4:12 | ESV

  10. AMEN! Echo on Doozie and the other guys – you rocked it brother! Thanks for cracking open the other half of the Forge – good times ahead!
    ***GHOST FLAG at the FORGE next THURSDAY (4/25/19)

  11. A day late but thank you DD for the great workout. It was a butt kicker. Also, appreciate you sharing your story. I’m thankful to know you and excited to see what you do with your life post 33.