Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Old Glory for Big Mac (and others)


11 gloom warriors posted despite the late night of basketball (congrats Hoos fans!) even knowing that an Old Glory was in store…or at least most of them knew.

The flag was planted at 0520 and grabbed at 0528. A quick explanation of the Old Glory for the first-timers and a quick mention of the reason this OG was put on the books – to honor Doozy’s friend John “Big Mac” who we recently lost and other fallen vets. With that motivation, it was sure to be a great effort in the gloom and that it was…and we were off.

1 mile mosey to and around both fields. Plant the flag in the front corner of the first field and plank for the six. Timer set for 20 minutes and exercises confirmed (20 merkins in corner 1, 20 jump squats in corner 2, 10 burpees in corner 3 and 20 WWIIs in corner 4). Complete as many laps/corners as you can in 20 minutes….GO!

No surprise, Rosie took the lead and didn’t look back. Doozy and Tobit pushed him though. YHC saw a lot of Posh and Ollivander and a few others in the second wave. Way to push everyone!

Time was called – reconvene at the Flag for 2 laps battalion style (today’s indigenous people run) with Old Glory always leading the way. Doozy and Tobit pushed the pace a few times, but everyone kept up.

Back to the Flag for 3 Minutes of Mary including 25 American Hammers IC and 20 APDs (suitable for Big Mac according to Doozy) IC.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Prayers up for Big Mac’s family as they continue to work through the grieving process.
  • Prayers up for other fallen vets, law enforcement, first responders and other civil servants as well who have served this country.
  • Continued prayers for Flatline’s M’s grandmother.
  • VQ ALERT – tomorrow at SOT – Doozy has the Q.


Great morning for an Old Glory with a little extra meaning today. I know it helped me push just a little harder and complete those last 10 burpees just before the horn blew.

Great to see Scrooge back out in the Gloom after his first post last Thursday. Hope you enjoyed the OG. Kotters to Sin Bin – hope to see you more as the warm weather returns.

Great work men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. At one point Posh said, “this is brutal.” Well put brother. Glad to have broken the fart sack for that one.
    Thanks for leading, Gumbo and to Tobit for the quiet call out about my lack of SOJ attendance lately. I say Batteau counts but the SOJ game needs to be upped.

  2. Thanks to the entire PAX, I texted Johns wife last night and told her that we where going to do an Old Glory in his honor and that I thought he would have enjoyed the workout. Big Mac probably would not have enjoyed the run so much but he would have saluted the effort of the group and the fact that we flew the colors. His wife Jill was very appropriative and thanked F3 for doing this. Gumbo thank you for leading.

    Just before John passed I sent him a text telling him that I knew he had a lot on his plate and that we should get together for a couple drinks. I never got the chance to have those drinks with my friend. Do not put off until tomorrow what you could and should do today.

  3. Well done, men! A great tribute!

    Sorry, I had to miss it. Only caught the first 10 minutes of the game, but happy for the Virginia boys and Bennett.

  4. Great workout yesterday guys! My first Old Glory and one to remember. Although I started to drag pushing the end of 4 corners, holding Old Glory during the indigenous people run boosted my pride to stand tall while I led.

    Rosie told me and Old Glory could also be seen to track your improvement so I can’t wait to see my growth in the coming times! 3.25

  5. Bummed I was out of town for this one. Kotters Sin Bin, that might be a record between posts.