Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Old Glory Tuesday


8 Davillians who mostly feel asleep before the end of the UVA game, came out unaware this was a Old Glory day.

YHC was inspired by Gumbo Pre-Blast and decided “The North” would mirror SOJ today.

This is how it went down

Slaughter Start – To give Congrats to UVA and The Carpenter alma mater, 8 Burpee OYO (for the 8 point win)


YHC grab the SF and yelled “Let’s Mosey”. At this time the PAX wasn’t aware it would be OG today. Some thought this would be another Murph but Opus was able to guess it

The first mile took the PAX in front of the schools, up to the gravel track for a lap then behind the MS (where Yard Sale was able to find us) and finish unto the bus loop.

YHC explain OG and the reason why it was choice today. Since we had a vet with us today (Bulkhead), the PAX used him as motivation

Timer was set for 20 minutes and OG was completed around the bus loop (about 1/4 mile lap) with 20 merkins at the SF, 20 Squats at corner 2, 10 Burpees at corner 3, and 20 WWII sit ups at corner 4.

With about two minutes left, the PAX headed back to pick up the six and the whole PAX finished with 10 Burpees.

The SF was grab and the PAX ran the loop back around for another mile making sure to double back from the six

1 MOM – Heels to Heaven IC

Numberrama, Namerama, and YHC took us out.  


  • T-Claps to Hustler for showing up for his 3rd post in 4 days!
  • The PAX showed what it really means to “Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where You Found Him” today. They stayed together and made sure the check the six.
  • Chatter seemed to center around spring break





  1. Well done fellas.

    Prayers for continued healing and clean results for Wild Things’ M.