Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can’t Lose Either Way


What happens when YHC’s two biggest basketball rivals (Duke vs VT) square up in the Sweet Sixteen? It’s a no lose situation and neither were today’s routes.

The Grace’N’Allen (Grayson Allen) route was called with a detour down (Justin) Robinson St.

The Routes:

East on Grove and a left on Thompson. Go past Monument and take a right on Grace.

4’s take a right on Robinson and a right on Grove back to the VSF.

5’s take a right on Allen and a right on Grove back to the VSF.

6’s take a right on Allen and a right on Grove. Then they take a left on Robinson and sight see around the north bank of Fountain Lake picking up the Boulevard to Grove and back to the VSF.

No Tools took us out.

It was great seeing some new faces as well as some who have not posted in a while. Running with Labrat is always entertaining. Thanks for keeping me going!


  • Face Plants Running vq @ Spider Run on Tuesday
  • F3RVA Garmin group is available for runners

Time to Taper,



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  1. Nice route, lockjaw. Enjoyed catching up Bootleg.

    Totally forgot until afterwards, this was my 200th post all time. #bigdata knows everything.

    Go Hokies!

  2. vq….love it

    Thanks for leading today LJ

    Wish Lab Rat would pick up his speed so that I can have the benefit of his jovial presence…been too long buddy.

  3. Great run fellas! Enjoyed running with Ear Muffs. Lab Rat had told him “Go runs with those guys their faster”, well it was us keeping up with him. Thanks for the push Ear Muffs!

  4. The Yahoo faithful are welcome on the Hokie train tonight. Just imagine how much clearer your path is to that mythical national championship with Rat Face and company out of the way.