Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Extended Bootleg Track


25 Strong showed no concern for the Ides of March and decided to Run, Ruck, and Bike in the gloom.

The Carillon route was called and off we went. The ruckers enjoyed carrying a small body bag through the streets attracting various looks from the early morning crowd.

Congratulations goes to Bootleg who completed an Ultra this past weekend with snow no less. Well done sir! It was great to hear the details of your adventure.


The GrowRuck team is looking for volunteer shadows to assist for a few hours throughout the event. See Shakedown or Honey Do if you want to drink beer and watch them workout.

Too much time tapering, time to run.



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  1. With a straight face, Shakedown told one curious onlooker we were within five feet of: “Don’t worry about that, it’s just a body.” For a few seconds, the guy believed him. The look in his face! Good times, gents.

  2. Best morning weather this hombre has experienced in these latitudes in some time. Great to catch up with Lockjaw…been too long. Glad to have you back out there.

    Nice to chat with Abba, L.O.L.A., Lab Rat, etc. Good run, boys.

    Special thanks to Flatline, who did not post, but was in my thoughts every moment that my arms moved…a reminder of yesterday’s Super 21s.

    • I specifically avoided boot camps today for that very reason. Carrying weight for an hour, plus a bodybag some of the time, was preferable to performing a single friggin merkin.

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