Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ruckin, Runnin, and Ridin


22 ruckers, runners and bikers posted on a lovely Friday Morning.

The Thang and NMM

The ruckers launched at 5:15 and headed to hillcrest and other unknown parts and back to MM

Runner headed west on Grove, left on Oak, Left on Cary and right on Hillcrest. Then the runners did as many loops as they could in the allotted time. Then back the same way we came.

Biker (pullout) headed out on his own for a jaunt downtown.

Hillcrest is dark. I knew this already, but you really get the full affect when there are a bunch of runners on the road. Pucker, Swiper, Singer and I reversed direction on each loop. We could see the runners that had headlamps on, but when a non headlamped runner came along, it was almost a collision every time.

Reverse shout out to Lab Rat. According to the Mr. Rat’s rules, none of the ruckers should have gotten big data credit for the workout today. When YHC launches early and/or runs extra on Sundays, Lab Rat does not include YHC on the PAX list. Despite those rules, I have included all the ruckers, including Lab Rat, in the PAX list.

There is a movement about to get Phonix to run a marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon. He definitely has the speed, he just needs a little help on the nutrition and hydration front. It also sound like he needs a little help with nerves as every time he tries to run that far he ends up with the dry heaves. Ouch.

Oyster is consistently late to Friday runs and then does his own route. He is always there for the finish, but he sneaks in somewhere after 530. Welcome to Jekyll from the Fort this morning. Always good to have out of town guests

Good luck to Bootleg this weekend. He has put the work in, now its time to reap the rewards and punch his first ultra ticket.

Earth day 5k coming up sometime in April, for a detailed marketing pitch, see Wedding singer


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Route TYA! That hill will certainly wake you up…
    Enjoyed running with BT, and Handshake!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great to have both Ruckers and Runners out on Hillcrest at the same time! Great job fellas!

  3. Big Tennessee on

    First time on the Rollercoaster for me in a while and it showed. Great work by Handshake and Swirly, you guys crushed it!