Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GrowRuck Info – Please Read


RVA Pax – Even though there is still time to sign up for the Ruck event starting on Saturday evening 3/23 if you cannot participate (or are too scared to try) then you can still participate in the other activities:

Friday Night 3/22 – Happy Hour at Triple Crossing (VCU location – 113 S Foushee) starting around 6ish. Come out and meet up with PAX coming in from out of town.

Saturday Morning Dogpile @ 7 AM – The Q will be DREDD from CLT. We’ve told him this is F3 Nation’s best AO. We need 50+ PAX there to prove it.

GrowSchool – Around 8:30 after Dogpile winds down we will meet at a local church up the street to hear from DREDD and other F3 leaders until about 10:00.

GrowRuck – Tough event kicks off from Dogpile at 1800 Saturday evening.

We have a lot of out of towners coming in for the GrowRuck event. We need to show them how F3RVA rolls while they are in town.


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  1. Thanks for the info brother. Looking forward to it, and will work on bringing numbers for Dogpile with DREDD. Do we have any Carberama ideas yet for Sat AM? If Growschool starts up right after Dogpile there are gonna be a lot of PAX tummies missing ET grub.

  2. we should see if Toucan can get some Happy Meals (… ready to eat). Then you can have all the fun during the evening stroll. 😉