Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Day of Infamy


Fifteen by foot and zero by pedal showed for a cold run this morning.  YHC called a new route and off we went.

The Route

North on Westmoreland and take a left on Monument to Willow Lawn Drive.  Take a left on WLD and then a right on Patterson, and a left on Libbie to Grove.  Left on Grove and back to Mary.  That concludes it for the 4s.

5s and 6s continue on eastward on Grove.  5s take a left on Sauer to Patterson and take a left.  Patterson to Westmoreland and back to the VSF.  6s take a left on Malvern to Monument and take a left.  Monument to Westmoreland and back to the VSF.

Shakedown took us out.


  • HDHH on 12/19 – Capital Alehouse SOJ near SOT.  Tuckahoe/Richmond Proper may charter a bus for the excursion.

Time to Taper (Is there really a time not to?),



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  1. Downhill all the way. Solid route LJ. Shout out to Sippy Cup for pushing me during our warm up and cool down runs. Enjoyed running with Double D from SC. See y’all tomorrow.