Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And then there was light….


18 men from various parts of the RVA lept out of their fartsack to take part in a Handshake VQ.


SSH, Don Quioxte’s, Merkins, Freddie Mercuries

The Thang:

Curb Crawls – Bear Crawl 10 ascending Merkins, Crawl Bear 1 descending Merkin, Bear Crawl 9 Merkins, Crawl Bear 2 Merkins all the back to 1 and 10

Mosey to the lit upper field – Four Corners (escalating) – First Corner 10 WWII’s, Second Corner 10 WWII’s, 15 Merkins, Third Corner 10 WWII’s, 15 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, Fourth Corner 10 WWII’s, 15 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 25 SSH’s.  Rinse and repeat in reverse (deescalating)

Mosey to the Jerkin Gym – Partner Up – Round (1) 10 Jerkins and switch with Partner, Round (2) 9 Jerkins and switch with Partner down to 1 Jerkin.

Indigenous Peoples run: – 2 laps around track and back to flag

Ring of Fire – Guys on opposite side of circle pick a Merkin and complete (1) set of 10.

Wilson’ Dying Cockroaches – a single set of 25 Dying Cockroaches to finish up

Numberama, Namerama, COT

Moleskin – 

It was a beautiful morning for a VQ with weather warmer than we will probably see for a few month’s.  The lights were left on the baseball field and when YHC arrived early he scouted the space and decided to call an audible from original plans and move the four corners to the upper field (the non swamped section).  It was great to see so many people come out to Heartbreak Ridge and we even had an FNG (Roger Roger) who is an airline pilot and friend of Dr. Try Hard’s.  We hope to see you back at Heartbreak again soon.

By YHC’s count we did 230 Merkin’s today, from the COP, Curb Crawls, Four Corners, and Ring of Fire.  We also completed 55 Jerkin’s.

A couple of announcements: Kubota texted YHC to lend his support and let him know that his daughter is having surgery this morning (prayers for them) and Seymore announced that his brother, Malpractice, is doing his Medical Board re-certification today as well (we wish him success).

Thank you all for your support of YHC’s VQ, it was an honor to lead today.  This group means a great deal to me. I had a hole in my life and was off-center and I needed something positive to help balance me out and I found it in F3.  I have made a bunch of new friends and rekindled old friendships.  The members of the PAX are inspiring and positive role models for this 34 year old. Thank you all for your kindness and support, see y’all in The Gloom!



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  1. Great VQ Handshake. Just think you only need to Q roughly your next 40 straight workouts to match Lockjaw’s Q Ratio.

  2. Solid VQ Handshake. You got our attention with the 11s Curb crawls. Nice to see 18 out at the best AO in the West End.

  3. Nice VQ, Handshake.
    Those 11’s curb crawls were awful. Might have to take that back to SOJ.
    The Jerkin Gym in the mud was kinda funny with Shakedown driving his father-in-law’s BMW this morning.
    Welcome Roger Roger!

  4. Looked like a great VQ, Handshake! Bummed to miss this…I’ve been fighting off a death virus since last week.

    I’ll look for your next Q very soon 🙂

  5. Great looking job, Handshake!! Wish I could have been there. Go ahead and sign up for another so I can attend. Hoedown has a few openings. Thanks for the prayers for my baby girl, all! She is recovering and resting! See y’all for a Sugar Sock beatdown tomorrow!