Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Your Hometeam Route


Sixteen Runners and an undisclosed number of bikers, who didn’t return, set out for the first true winter feeling run.

The Route

East on Grove and turn left on Hamilton, Left on Westwood (turns into Malvern), Right on Patterson.

4s take a left on Westmoreland to the VSF.

5s take a left on Lexington to Grove to the VSF.

6s take a left on Seneca to Grove to the VSF.

Saab took us out.

The Moleskin

It was good running with my pack today.   Good pace and conversation makes the miles drift by.  I heard the 6s were on fire today.

Always Be Tapering,



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  1. Pull Out, No Tools, Profit, and FNG Marco (Profit’s buddy from Crested Butte) posted this morning on bikes. Good ride over the river and through the woods. Most of the group took the long way home to make sure Marco got to see all the bike lanes while he was in town. Sorry we missed closing. Good ride this morning fellas!!

  2. Nice route Lockjaw and perfect weather…unusually concise BB however 🙂

    Reminder to self: Don’t draw attention to ones self or LJ will ask you to close the COT….