Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just like Old Times


20 hardened ironheads landed at No Toll looking to get muddy.  Luckily for the pristine fields, it was an Old Glory day and the majority of the activity was confined to the perimeter.  Here’s what went down:


YHC grabbed the Flag and away we went.  No FNG’s, so a quick disclaimer was given on the fly.

Start with a 1 mile run around the entire soccer field complex (2 laps).  Then, loops of 4 stations at the corners of the AO:
Station 1:  20 x Merkins
Station 2:  20 x Jump Squats
Station 3:  10 x Burpees
Station 4:  20 x WWII Situps
Complete as many loops as possible before 6 am, then gather together for another 1 mile run around the complex.  PAX planks until the 6 reaches the Shovel Flag.  Merkin ROF, then AMRAP merkins until the final four finished the round.  Head back to the parking lot for COT.  YHC took us out.
– Marmaduke is still collecting coats for the holidays.  Get them to him soon.
– Courtney Sievers, the lovely wife of Vinny, will have a book signing and release party at Ruth & Ollie’s in Carytown from 4-7 this Thursday.  Come by to pick up some art, the book and some FREE beer.
– Movember is in full effect.  Rumor has it Gumbo is not going to cut his hair or shave his neck.  Cap’n Caveman, baby!
–  Something else, but I must have paused the recording by accident.  Labrat apologizes for that.
Nothing like Q’ing an Old Glory at No Toll after a long hiatus.  Felt like putting on my favorite old pair of jeans, if they were soaked through and covered and mud.  Really, the weather was nice and the rain gave us a nice window to get some work done.  It has been almost 3 and a half years since YHC borrowed Old Glory from Charlotte and brought it to No Toll, and that first edition only had 6 PAX.  Good to have Wilson as one of the originals there for the reunion (although he probably doesn’t remember it).  Rosie in typical fashion killed it, and Labrat was especially spry rocking the Bedrocks in unfavorably cold and wet conditions.  Aye!  Good to meet those of you that I had not met before, and thanks for letting me back SOJ to lead you fine men.  Also, an extra thanks to Honeymoon for hanging back with me while I nursed a bad wheel.  Make sure to log your loops on the Google Doc so you can benchmark your progress.  See you all in the Gloom!

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  1. BT, I remember and I loved it as much today as I did back then. Old Glory sucks and is awesome all in one bucket. Great seeing the fellas today. Y’all killed it.

  2. BT, that was fun! My first Old Glory. Lots of room for improvement. I was hoping to catch up on the last mile and carry the flag some, but Lab Rat had other ideas and sprinted away with it. Of course, Rosie made it all look easy. Way to work, Gumbo! Do your legs feel as sore as mine? Also, great job to the early morning rucking crew! Have a great day all!

  3. Solid work for you boys that ran the race this weekend and rucked pregame style . And I hear you Wilson! #runningsucks

  4. Sorry to have missed out on the real OG. Gentlemen, don’t let a little sleet and rain deter you from joining us Thursday from 4-7 at Ruth & Ollie. I plan to arrive around 5:30. Courtney illustrated a children’s book about The Homestead. The original artwork from the book, the book, and other original non-book related art work by her will be available for sale. We’ll have free food and beer. Hope to see y’all out. Who knows, maybe they hired Wilson to cater.

  5. Heck of a workout, BT. My first OG as well and couldn’t think of a better place to be! Have a great evening, gents.

  6. OH MAN, that was fun! The wet fields made it all that much better. I’ve been looking forward to this since the last sneak attack was thwarted, and it was worth the wait.

    Thanks for coming out and leading us BT. And, thanks to some non-SOJers for coming South and crossing the rivah to join us.

    Great morning fellas!

  7. Old Glory. What can I say but a damn fine morning to go out and do THAT thing! I have never seen the soccer fields so “pristine” and much RESPECT to Lab Rat…..new nickname, Ice Blocks! Hearing the squish, squish, squish before dawn and to see the PAX crushing it. Made my day!!
    Nice work New Market with pre-No Toll Rucking!! Kudos and Respect!!
    My shoes may not dry off till spring but SO worth it!
    Keep punishing and leading the way….Loud and Proud!!