Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fan Halloween Run


F3RVA’s showed a 21 runner/biker salute to the day.  The route was a nice tour of the Fan and all it’s Halloween glory.


Everyone heads east on Grove and a left on Blvd.

4s take a left on Monument to Commonwealth and back to the VSF.

5s/6s hang a right on Hanover.  5s turn left on Meadow to Monument, west on Monument to Commonwealth to the VSF.  6s keep on Hanover until it merges with Park.  Keep going east Harrison and Harrison to Franklin/Monument to Commonwealth and home.


  • Ghost Flag – November 3 Dogpile – The Nano-Region with the most FNGs wins the ghost flag.  Hardywood stipulates that they cannot be 2.0s.
  • Puppy Pile this Saturday @ 7:05 – See Marv for details




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  1. The F3RVA riding contingent gets 5 stars from Hardywood. I hadn’t been on a bike in 15 years until a few weeks ago. They’ve made it really fun to add something else to the mix. Hats off to No Tools and Wheelie for lighting the riding fire under my seat. Thanks for making this a fun one.

  2. For the puppy pile tomorrow – provided it isn’t pouring (and maybe even if it is), I’m planning to attend w my 4yo.. Is a 4yo ok to bring? my 2yo listens and stays close, but I’m assuming the he is too young. Any other things we need to know?

  3. 4 years old is a tough call, Greenbow. But you know your child better than anyone else. My son started coming out at a late 5 years old and he is now 6 and manages well. Not sure if this helps with your decision. Weather is going to be your deciding factor tomorrow I think.

  4. Love that enthusiasm, Greenbow! Stick that kid in the mud! Really like that route, LJ. Swirly and I had a front row seat to LabRat’s blistering pace. Important note: the key to keeping LabRat quiet during a run seems to be to have him count his own cadence. #silenttreatment #govols

  5. Bring him and find out. It’s the only way to know. It is a kid friendly workout, but we typically cover some ground. But as BT says, stick him in the mud.

  6. Perfect day for a run! Enjoyed it. Had I known the route however, I would’ve just picked y’all up at the VMFA and looped from there.