Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Haiku was called

Humid and misty today

Better than Florence


Labrat and Upchuck

No shortage of spoken words

Plenty of good times


Gomer and Swirly

Missed the turn at Saint Bridget’s

No Iris for you


Running in the dark

Oncoming car with close call

Shakedown gives the bird


Phonics and Sippy

Running like two ocelots

Strong finish you two


Bikers slowly show

No Tools ready for hazmat

Swirly took us out



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  1. Biology called

    This runner could run no more

    Goose bumps and cold sweat

    Almost stole paper

    From wet driveway but didn’t

    Newspaper, not junk

    Shakedown’s not a thief

    Someone subscribes to paper

    Todays socks pricey

    Plan b was Starbucks

    Might be too far, no wallet

    That was gonna suck

    Fortunate placement

    Thankful to god, or the church

    For the port-a-john

    Running In the dark
    Oncoming car with close call
    Shakes instincts unchecked (need to work on that lol)