Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hills of Empathy


As a show of solidarity with our Pax who are kicking off the BRR this morning, YHC called the Snake River route.  Snake River lives up to it’s name with a bit of bite in the hills.

We headed west on Grove to Granite and a left on Granite to Cary.  Dogleg left and take a right heading down Tempsford.

  • 4s take the left fork and retrace their steps back to Grove to the AO.
  • 5s do the left and right forks and then Granite to Patterson to Westmoreland to the AO.
  • 6s do the left and right forks twice each (!) and then Granite to Patterson to Westmoreland to the AO.

Shotgun took us out.

Not much mumble chatter this morning as the Pax had places to go and kids to get to school.  I think it was a cover up to mask the desire to get out of this morning’s humidity.

  • Announcements – Since Marv pulled out early, his buddies in the Pax volunteered him for the September Dogpile Q on September 29.  Hopefully he can be there.

Good luck and safe running to our brothers making their way to Asheville.  Enjoy the journey.

No time to taper,



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  1. Good route Lockjaw. As I was going up and down the hills (5 mile route) I thought to myself “I am in no shape for the BRR”.

  2. Great routes Lockjaw. Big thanks to Sippy Cup, Splinter, Marv and Phonics for the push today. That is one of the harder runs I’ve had in a long time. Can’t wait to do that one again!!!

  3. Enjoyed the route this a.m. – at least the part I ran. Enjoyed running to and fro with Sippy Cup as well. Dude is a beast!

  4. I had a blast today with RAMM Gears. Today is 6 months of F3 for me. Thanks for the fun, but kicking, and friendships.

  5. Congrats, Handshake! Way to keep at it! I will never forget the original “handshake” at Hoedown.?

  6. RAMM gears was fun this AM. Great route No Tools and muchas gracias for lending me the gravel bike!