Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tomato Bro Code (sort of)


4 Runners and 2 Ruckers arrived at Atlee high school for the finally bro code run of the summer (or so we thought).

This how it went down:


Ruckers – Completed their normal route out to Honey Meadow and back for about 3 miles

Runners – Bridge is not completed so time for a new route. Leave the school head left onto Atlee Station, up and over the bridge left onto Barnfield Ln, left onto Rutlandshire Dr, right onto Combs Dr, Right onto Cool Spring Rd, Left into Cool Springs West, take a loop around the subdivision, head across Cool Spring Rd onto Hughesland Rd.

At this point we ran into some other F3 brothers that live in Rutland that have their own neighborhood run so we joined their PAX. Turn around on Hughesland Rd, Right onto Nolanwood Dr, Left onto Crestland Dr.

Then we hit the paved trail which leads us back into Cool Spring West. Did a loop on the trail then split off from the Rutland crew and headed right onto Cool Spring Rd. Back over the bridge to complete 5.5 miles and a little overtime run of 51 minutes


Well this wasn’t YHC orginal plan for the run but sure did enjoyed it. Glad to have Honey Do out in Daville once. We will see you again on Friday from the sounds of it.

The plan was to have a Bro Code run today but Lab Rat’s fresh leg and Phonics pushing the pace, the run became a little longer and a little faster than what YHC had anticipate.

It was good to run with the Rutland crew for a little bit. This maybe become a regular things on Mondays (we will have to see).

Mumble chatter seemed to focus around the upcoming convergences and some of the PAX stories from recently tour stops. Also unanimous decision has been made to plan to stop by Bojangles for some BoBerry biscuits next time.

  • Labor Day Convergence at Three Lakes Park – Sept 3rd at 7:00. See Pre-Blast
  • F3 RVA’s 4 Year Anniversary Convergence – Sept 22nd starting at 6:00. See Pre-Blast




  1. Made the trip worth it. Was expecting a slower 4.5 miles, not 5.5 miles at a steady pace.

  2. Good stuff this morning. Loved the new routes that the bridge has brought us, even though I still question the taxes it took to build it.