Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Carillon the Right Way…


24 descended upon Mary to see where their legs and wheels would carry them.  After Splinter provided a quick translation of the Belizeian word for “Hello”, we were off.  Runners covered distances ranging from 4 to 8 miles, and every distance in between.  Bikers covered all that is RVA.

YHC’s Lab Rat-esque apology goes to the 4 and 5 milers, who got slightly lost – but gained extra distance – thanks to poor instructions from the Q.


  • Puppy Pile next Saturday
  • Dirt Church coming to a back blast near you

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  1. Good run on a not so great weather day. Saab, I do like that route, I just think I would have disliked any route today.

    Have an un-belizeable day folks.

  2. RAMM Gears mini-blast: So four, count ’em FOUR dudes made the pre-ride this morning, meeting at the Great Big Dog in time for coffee and an early rollout. We shook off the sandman with a jet-black Americano, and then met FOUR MORE riders at Mary so that eight of us could take the second installment of Profit’s “I wanna climb Main Street” loop.

    Cary > Belvidere > Dive bomb 2nd St. > Dive bomb Tredager > TPOT > Flood Wall > Mayo Bridge > Canal > Left to Main. Climby Climby Climb. That needs one more tweek (left at 18th instead of wherever we turned) to be perfect.

    Pullout and Wheelie are fit essohbees, and dropped the rest of us on the hill like a bad habit but Handshake finally made it into the Instagram feed. And all rides have gravel in ’em, Wheelie.

  3. As the route was something I merely hacked from someone else my feelings were not hurt.

    Did I mention how much I dislike Q’ing runs?

  4. You better Belize that I love the Carillon route, but enjoyed the extra miles today. Thanks for pulling me along, Swirly!

  5. That was a heck of a ride. I got smoked by all y’all on the real road bikes climbing Main Street. I’m built for comfort not for speed.

  6. Loved the new-to-me route this morning. It was great to have such a large group of riders this morning. I do love Main Street, so excellent route, Profit!