Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Amateur Hour, Part Deux…


Fifteen on foot and fifteen* on wheels posted at Mary this morning in between raindrops.  A couple few 2.0’s made it out despite the early hour, and two FNG’s got named.  

The cycling went a little something like this:

Out the back and down Cary.  Dive into Windsah Fahms, and out via Portland.  Douglasdale.  Hang a right and boogie down to Byrd Park for a lap around and between the lakes.  Get rained on like a champ.  Over to, and around the lake with the fountain in it.  Climb up to Boulevard and roll, en masse, respectfully following all prescribed traffic laws.  Left and down Ellwood, disregarding said laws.  Back to Mary via Grove.

Some things of note: Firstly: high marks to first-timers, children, and otherwise fit dudes who just don’t spend time on bikes.  Thank you for coming out, because riding bikes is rad but riding bikes with other people is way, way radder.   Secondly: high marks to ALL riders for their adherence to Rule #9** — riding a bike in foul weather means you’re a badass.  It poured for a little while, but the stalwart and stoic PAX honey-badgered through it.  I didn’t see that coming, but am glad ain’t nobody noped out because of weather.  Finally: extra high marks to Kabota for bringing out the sled with the kiddie seat on the back.  If you take your little one out on that thing, you’re a good dad, dude.

I’m going to suggest that this sort of thing happen more often, if for no other reason that it was a lot of fun.  While the RAMM Gears Faithful always get in a good workout when we’re all spandex-and-Strava’ed-up, there should be more to Friday morning than that.   Maybe once a month would suffice, maybe even just once a quarter?  Just again, though, please.   I hope others feel the same.

Before I forget, from what I heard at the coffee pot this morning, the runners did “the Carollon Route”, whatever that is.  TYA and Swirly did “Patterson backwards” and Bleeder tried to kill LugNut but thankfully didn’t succeed.

Please remember that all PAX have a standing invitation to get bikes dialed in at No Tools’ Coffee Emporium & Bike Shop.  Rates are reasonable (IPA) and hours are by appointment (don’t forget the IPA).   Find me at @bvay on Twitter.


Announcements: Humpday Happy Hour is coming up… Roller Coaster Run & Kubu Kuba Dos.  Lab Rat says listen to Soundcloud this afternoon.  Dirt Church is Sunday before 8am at Courthouse Church of Christ (will be all gravel this week).  BT will be racing Bleeder on jet skis next week.  Maybe there’ll be video?


* Shout out to the brother who posted with the little 2.0 on the bmx bike.  Things weren’t shaping up as planned and they waved off on Cary before Malvern.  Anyone catch his name?

** see here for The Rules but don’t take ’em too seriously. 


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  1. No Tools, that was a blast! Thank you for leading. I have to give credit where credit is due. The bike I was riding is Slurpee’s who is my neighbor. For some reason I don’t own a bike but that may change now! And I do know that Slurpee rides his little girl in that bike seat a lot which is great! Enjoyed riding along some of the other Amateurs like Honeydo, EF Hutton and Rosie. Glad to see you back out in the gloom, Ronnie. No Tools, if you get a chance, change to spelling of my name to Kubota. Gotta get that #bigdata credit ?!

  2. That was a fun ride even with the rain. Thanks for organizing NoTools. It was great to finally get back to the gloom and see everyone.

  3. The run was excellent and I found a way to squeeze 6 miles out of a 4 mile run, just get lost in Windsor Farms. Enjoyed the conversation Honeymoon.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    I completely agree, No Tools. Even though I had to get some foot miles in for BRR, riding with the posse is AWESOME. It needs to be a thang going forward on a somewhat regular basis. What are the chances Bleeder shows up with a suped up jet ski tattooed with “Eat My Wake” emblazoned on the side. BRING IT!