Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frisbee Free Zone


9 studs posted on a Friday morning for normal F3 activities, running and biking.  There were 5 runners and 4 bikers.  Routes varied, but lots of hard work was put in.  Swirly and TYA went for an 8 mile jaunt through windsor farms and by the carillon.  Bootleg, Lug Nut and Pullout meandered through the west end neighborhoods to log their miles.  The normal bikers were accompanied by Wedding Singer today who was a hitting RAMM gears as part of the summer tour.  Not sure what kind of bike he had, but I am envisioning a tricycle with big wheels. Great to have Clavin back and the Profit continues to post for the friday morning spins…No tools is a machine.



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  1. LOL. Hiya, TYA! To mention: Singer did a damn fine job checking (I think) the last box off the big list of AO’s for the Summer.

    He’s probably gonna curse me the rest of his life after I made him finish the ride with the Monument cobblestones – he probably feels like Rocky Balboa used his satchel for a speed bag.

  2. Sippy Cup and I ran 3ish miles and then joined the Frisbee group for ~20 minutes. Shouldn’t we get partial credit?

  3. Wedding Singer on

    Actually I heard it was your road bike TYA via Lab Rat. Thanks to No Tools for hanging back. Had more energy but apparently without a goat skin thing protecting my crotch area I was hurting towards the end.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    Brutal, TYA. My ankles and knees are as sore as if I’d done a Splinter March Madness workout, but alas, no Big Data love because of a frisbee. Sigh…